Warriors Roaming The Forest

Test your abilities to your limits!

Welcome to the Apprentice Training page

Here, warriors will teach their apprentices to fight, do hunting crouches and leaps, learn the most important herbs, etc. There is one chat-box for each Clan, so if it gets too crowded, please wait a while for the other cats to finish their training, so you can begin yours. Otherwise, you can always go to train on the Territories and Hunting Patrols page.

So, let's no waste time...let's train and become healthy, strong, brave, loyal and respectful warriors! 

PowerClan's training hollow

FireClan's training hollow

EarthClan's training hollow

WaterClan's training hollow

AirClan's training hollow

MoonClan's training hollow

Some great battle techniques

(I will keep adding more and more battle moves as the mentors introduce them to their apprentices, not beforehand) 

Hook, dive and smack sequence - This is a very useful trick routine, performed by all cats. First, you need to hook your enemy's chin with your front paw's claw, then run/dive under their body, barging through their legs, and by that unbalancing them permanently. Next, all you need to do is show a perfect head-butt and, getting out of your opponent's way, while he/she is still flailing their paws to regain some sort of balanced position, smack your tail down hard on their back to make them fall. Hook, dive, smack and...done! That's all in takes to win a smug battle.

Shove up - Run under your opponent's belly. Then push up, unbalancing them. 

Claw dive - Stand on your hind legs. Jump up with your claws unsheathed, then flip over and dive down onto your enemy.

Rabbit's leap - All you need to do is to stalk around your enemy, next, leap as strongly as you can, with your full power, and knock the opponent straight to the ground. Then you need to begin plummeting their stomach with your paws, and afterwards, land the last and also the hardest blow to the side of their head. You can then pick them up by their scruff and drag them out of the way, or simply leave them where they are. Only please don't forget to check that they actually are unconscious, so therefore, don't possess any threat to others.

Belly scrubb - Lie down on your back and let the enemy jump into the air, aiming to land on top of you. You can either kick out with you hind legs to fling them right back, or you can let them bounce on top of you, and then, as soon as they are about to launch their attack, start raking your claws over their belly until you feel that they are weakening, which is when you can push back and let them go.  

Jump stunt - When you see your opponent running at full speed towards you, being very careless with their paws, you can jump up vertically into the air above them, let your legs stretch out freely, getting your claws ready to grip tight, and then jump back down straight on top of them, making your claws slide out to their full length, so that your enemy can feel the pain, and also bite them hard on the back of the neck. After, let go of them and make sure they flee without any hesitation.  

Streaks of blurred fire - This trick is called Streaks of blurred fire, because it has to be performed very quickly and skilfully. What you have to do is streak over to a bush, hide in it, and then jump out in ambush to startle your enemy. As soon as they lose their concentration, you must bite their tail or paw to disorientate them even more, and the go for their neck! It's the most interesting part, that's true, but remember not to get too carried away. You never know who might be lerking around the corner, waiting for the right moment to sweep out at you. So, after the neck bite, start beating your enemy hard on the chest with your front paws, which will then aim at their belly as a final blow, leaving them breathless for some time.   

Push-out - Basically, all you have to do is run, roll under your opponent, and then push out as hard as you can at their belly, causing them to jump right up into the air and land somewhere off in the distance.  

Twirly-flirl - To put your enemy in a dazed mood, simply jump forward at them and hit them flat, curving yourself around them to make both of you spin in the air and twirl slightly so that you land perfectly balanced on the ground, with him/her wriggling hopelessly and breathless beneath you. The rest, of course, is up to you.  

Flipping back trick - Do a full flip back and then immediately stretch out your front claws to hook your enemy on the throat. You land perfectly on the ground with all fours, squarely and lightlyto be able to jump away at any convenient time. The timing in this trick is very important, and you can modify it a bit to suit your body. Also, try not to use all our energy up, because that will take away the chance of being able to get straight into the battle after this trick is done.

Kick-back - Lie down on the ground as if you're hurt. The enemy will want to scratch you or bite you, so they'll come up close. Keep them in your focus, but concentrate on something else - which direction your are aiming to jump at. You then need to kick back will all your force, and by that you'll get enough energy to both fling your opponent off you and far away into the nearest bushes, and also jump up quite high into the air. While in the air, try to position yourself ready to land, perhaps lean back a bit to be able to land on your hind paws and then slash out with your two front paws at an enemy, and then jump to the side very lightly. Be bouncy and relaxed. Small tip: if you feel you're losing your balance in the jump, wave your tail a little to regain it.

Leap and hook - Jump onto your opponents back and hold on tight. They will jump around, tying to fling you off. You need to roll right under your enemy and slice your paws across their legs to flip them over onto the ground. In battle you have to be really quick, or otherwise, the opponent might end up falling onto you when you slice at their paws.

Roll under/roll through - Focus on your enemy's hind paws, then rush at them, keep low to the ground and hook them with your paws to make the opponent fall to the ground. When you've manage to push the enemy and unbalance him/her, wriggle out from underneath their bellies as fast as possible. This trick doesn't need you to be of a strong, solid built. You can modify the moves to adjust them to fit your quickness and strength, as in any trick, actually.

Kick-flick - First spin and trip your opponent with your tail. Then kick out with your leg and balancing on your hind paws, quickly do a back flip, landing perfectly on all fours.

Cat joke of the week

This week's cat joke:

Q: How do you know when your cat has been using your computer?

A: When your mouse has teeth marks on it!


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New members:  

Clan Code

Read the Clan Code thoroughly and make sure you follow all the rules in it!

I will not tolerate people, who ignore to follow my few simple rules, some of which you've probably already seen on other websites like mine. So, please, read it, memorise it and follow it!

◦Do NOT steal prey from other Clans' territories.

◦Elders and queens must be fed first.

◦Clan cats should defend their Clan even at the cost of their lives.

◦A leader gets nine lives when he/she goes to the Sky Stone and spends a night there.

◦Clan cats must NEVER fight on the night of the full moon.

◦The command of a leader should be obeyed immediately.

◦As soon as the Clan's deputy dies, a new one should be chosen.

◦Medicine cats should go to the Sky Stone every half moon to share dreams with SkyClan.

◦Warriors may not have mates from other Clans.

◦A kit may become an apprentice only when he is six moons old.

◦If a kit is hurt - and no matter what Clan he/she is from - any cat who can see him should help.

◦Every full moon there is a Peaceful Meeting, which EVERY Clan should attend.

◦If a rival Clan's patrol or a rogue trespasses on your territory, you have permission to attack them. Although, if you are badly outnumbered, you should let them go, warning them to be careful with their actions next time, or...BATTLE!

◦A cat can only become a leader after 6 moons for serving his Clan loyally and truthfully.

◦Only a WARRIOR CAT can become a deputy or leader (no humans, no foxes; exceptions can be made for former kittypets or rogues or loners)

◦Clan needs to support their leader if what he/she does, but they do have the right to rebel as a group if they are unhappy with their leader's actions - if these actions are unrightful, of course.

◦Patrols should have at LEAST three cats, preferably three warriors and one apprentice (full patrol). 

Please acknowledge these rules and try not to break them! Amends are hard to be made after a certain rule has been broken, so think of the consequences before doing something you know you would later regret.