Warriors Roaming The Forest

Test your abilities to your limits!

Welcome to the FireClan camp

FireClan cats are very intelligent and kind (most of the time), but their gentleness doesn't always last long. If their Clanmates have been falsely accused of something, then they launch into battle immediately, not even thinking first.

Nevertheless, these brave cats are still very popular among the six Clans. They are always full of ideas on how to improve their Clan and get away without a fight. Although, if they have to fight, they do, and if they do...then watch out!


New FireClan members


This clan has recently become inactive, if you want to join are want to report as an active roleplayer then inbox AquaStar asap.


New warriors: Mousefur and Ashflower

New mentors: Falconstreak>Featherprint

New apprentices: Featherprint,Nightprint,Iceprint,Lilacprint CloverPrint,HippoPaw,ThornPaw, RockPaw,

New kits:Bramble,Sepentkitty,Gecokit,SaltKitty,LavenderKitty,HeatKit

New Elders or Queens: CommonCrag/elder,SparrowFlint/queen

Camp clearing

This is where the FireClan cats meet after a long day of hard work to share prey together and chat about life.


Leader's den

Here, the leader can have private meeting with the deputy and senior warriors to discuss several issues and make decisions. The leader can also plan warrior and other ceremonies here. If you want to be a mentor, for example, come here and ask your leader to make you into one.


Medicine cat's den

Here, the medicine cat and his/her apprentice will care for the sick cats and sort out herbs inside the den. Next to the den, there is a small tree with overhanging branches, that shelter a small patch of grass, where the medicine cats can sleep on warm nights or where they can make nests for their ill Clanmates. Also, there is a little clear blue puddle behind the den, where they can soak moss.


Warriors' den

 In here, the warriors will sleep at night and in the hottest time of the day. The den is very well sheltered and big enough to fill a whole army of cats inside it.


Apprentices' den

Over here, the young apprentices can gossip about the warriors and grouch about the grumpy elders, and, of course, sleep to be restful for the next day.



The nursery is where she-cats, who are expecting kits, will be staying. Queens need to live in the nursery, caring for their kits, until the kits are old enough to become apprentices. Then, the mothers can go back to carrying out their warrior duties and sleeping in the warriors' den.



Elders' den

 Here, the Clan elders can relax and sunbathe, as well as sleep at night. Be sure that they'll grouch and groan whenever an apprentice comes to clean out ther bedding and search their pelt for ticks!



 (Unactive until further notice)




Hello! My name is Silverstar. I am a very young she-cat with the best mate ever: Stormblaze! My best friend is Mosscreek, and I hope I eventually can start a lovely family. At first. I am sorta shy, until I get to know you better. I now have a mother! Thissletail has now adopted me and I could never be happier! My apprentice is Lilacprint, and currently I have 9 lives. Apprentice:




(Unactive until further notice)


Bella (bluestrike) :

Moons:20 Description/Personality: Bella, is a blue she~cat with light blue eyes she is a ex-kittypet.. she does got clan cat in her. she is fast, smart, funny, scarcastic, sneaky, an is fair. she some day wants to be leader of a clan. Apprentice:

Kin: Mother: (dead), father: (dead), Mate: none, Kits: TinyKitty, BounceKit, SageKItty, Rockkit, MistKitty


Medicine cat and medicine cat apprentice


(Unactive until further notice)


I am current Medicine cat of Fireclan.I have a short temper but a kind will. Now one know where my parent or relative are.They saw I just wondered here when i was a kit.


 Hes wise and loyal and use to live in Powerclan. He loved a she-cat but she vanished and he was heartbroken. Left Powerclan because it was over populated. He lives in Fireclan and no matter what will protect it. He has a ugly scar on his throat from his father as a kit. He found a talent for herbs so he became a medicine cat since Fireclan needed one. 

Kin- Unkown



 Ashflower: (Unactive until further notice)

 Coat-A beautiful fluffy grey she-cat. With beautiful green eyes. Personality-I'm kind and gentle. When I'm mad though watch out. I normally am happy and sweet. I want a mate and kits someday. I hope to be the best warrior and mother i can be. I listen and respect my clanmates and leader very well.


Mousefur: (Unactive until further notice)

Coat-An old brown tabby tom. He has green-yellown eyes. Personality-He is a very funny elder. He loves kits. He is very bubbly. He jokes around lots to the apprentices when they clean his fur. He is definetly the nicest cat in all the clans. He misses his warrior duties but knows he's too old to continue on working. He has always a story to tell and has a heart of pure gold. 


 LionRoar: (Semi Active)

 LionRoar is a determined brave tom. He one fought a fox off when he was just an apprentice. He can be fearsome and gentle but barely shows affection for anyone but his family.

 ThunderBrush: (Semi Active)

 ThunderBrush is the thinker of the family. He loves to stalk prey and hide in long grass or weeds. Thunder perfers water rats to eat and never hunts in rocky terrain. He is very sneeky and cunning, and also very elusive.

WaxingEclipse: (Active)

 WaxingEclipse does not talk much but when he dose it is in riddles. He enjoys blending in with the night and on ocasion performing heroic deeds. He is very experienced and dose not enjoy hunting. Though he is a skilled fighter he perfers not to fight.



Dawnheart: (Unactive until further notice)

I can be kind and gentle, but it depends. Sometimes, can turn out to be reckless and fierce, but I always show my loyalty to my dear clan and i'll never leave their side! My goals are to achieve more success and keep my clan growing. Apprentice:Iceprint





 Secretpaw: (Unactive until further notice)





CloverPrint: (Unactive until further notice)

Clover tend to keep to herself.She barley ever interacts with others or speaks.Clover enjoys long walks at dawn or dusk.she likes hu nting in summertime or under the shine of a moon.Her peronality all together is a mystery for her lack of social


HippoPaw: (Semi Active)

HippoPaw is the always hungry,complaining,apprentice.He like to climb in trees and has a stange habbit of making claw marks of every tree he ever climbed.He is hollowed headed due to a fall in earlier moons.


ThornPaw: (Unactive until further notice)

ThornPaw is alot larger than most apprenitces.He is the size of a full grown cat at age 8 moons.He is willy and fast.He is a champion when it comes to wrestling or head-on attacks.No mentors have been know to beat him.Those who do beat him do not gloat or even speak of it,for that would put his reputation to shame.

Rockpaw: (Unactive until further notice)

  Family: Mother: BlueStrike Father: (UnKown/Dead) SIsters: BouncePrint( twin), MistPrint, TinyPrint Brother: SagePaw Rank: Apprentice Coat Color: White Under Belly. tan back with black spots, Short tail Personality:A nice,kind tom.He is happy and active.He loves play-fighting and wrestling.He loves his and other family but his twin he likes more .He can't wait to be a warrior.He Want To be leader one day. he is agressive sometimes. 

Mate: Nope 
Crush: FeatherPrint


Featherprint: (Unactive until further notice)

 A beautiful lithe she-cat with light brown tabby fur and pretty pale green eyes. Crush-Possibly Howlingnight or Secretpaw she doesn't know yet Mate-No one Mentor-No one yet Kin:All unknown Personality-An adventorous little cat.She has a bubbly personality.She tends to keep to herself but she is very happy and friendly.She has a heart of gold but is shy yet.She has energy.She likes chasing birds.She is a good hunter and an okay fighter.She enjoys swimming to cool off.She is an excellent tree climber. Mentor:Falconstreak


Nightprint: (Unactive until further notice)

She has a block of ice covering her heart. She finds no joy or love in anything anymore. She has a pet named One-Eye, hes bigger then a cat and she uses him to get rid of her 'problems' when she has any. She became lifeless when her father, and both brothers disappeared without a word to anyone. She growls and grumbles at anyone, no matter who they are. 
Kin-(Mother)-Nightsong (Father)-Blueeyes(unknown)(Brothers)-Dragonkit(unknown)Geckokit, Coldpaw(unknown)(Sister)-Serpentkitty(Grandmother)-Glassgaze(dece
sed)(Grandfather)-Blazingfang(deceased) Mentor: Skyheart


Iceprint: (Unactive until further notice)

Iceprint Age-7 moons Kin:Mother-meadowstorm Father-(unknown) Brother-cloudpaw Sister-sparkleprint Mate-no one Crush-no one Descripition-nice pretty smart strong and awesome fighter. Hopes\goals-to have lots of friends and to be leader.Mentor:Dawnheart


Lilacprint: (Unactive until further notice)

is a silver she-cat with black flecks and heart stopping blue eyes. She is the most kind, loving and loyal cat you will ever meet. Lilacprint will stand up for anyone is trouble, coming with that, she's very wise. You can forget her swiftness on the legs, and her mind.  Her dreams are to be deputy and be a caring mother to a loyal mate, leader and clan. Currently, she is 8 moons old. 

Mentor: Silverstar 




Nightsong: (Unactive until further notice)

 Shes tough and sharp tounged. She speaks her mind and isnt afraid of anything. She became hard hearted after her mate and kits disappeared. She still loves her remaining kits with her life. She wont stand for anyone talking rudely about her children. Shes beautiful as well and her parents use to call her "Sounds of Night" When she lived in her old home and when she came to the clans she named herself Nightsong instead. Her voice always sounds musical and beautiful. 

ughters)-Nightprint, Serpentkitty(Sons)-Coldpaw(unknown) Geckokit, Dragonkit(unknown




Geckokit: (Unactive until further notice)

 Hes shy and not very social since his brothers and father disappeared. He stays near his mother and doesnt like to do anything. Speaks little to none. 

kit(unknown)Coldpaw(Unknown(Sisters)-Nightprint, Serpentkitty.(Grandmother)-Glassgaze(deceased)(Grandfather)-Blazingfang(deceased)


Serpentkitty: (Unactive until further notice)

 Shes always full of energy and loves to mess around. She likes being 'one of the guys' and be the boss of everyone. She loves getting her white fur dirty and isnt afraid to speak her mind.




  Bramble: (Unactive until further notice)

is brown and white tabby tom with dazzling pale blue-green eyes.  He is currently 4 moons old, which obviously means he's still a kit. Bramble was once a kittypet called Gingerbread, but was abandoned by his cruel owners when he was only 2 moon old. Being hungry, he wandered around in search of food, while starving to death. One day, he met an elder, she taught him how to catch mice and stayed with him for 2 moons, she was like a mother to him. Unfortunately, one day, Bramble sprained his paw, but thankfully, the elder went out to catch food for him. But the she-cat never returned, so Bramble set out to look for her, limping. What he saw, was unbelievable. Bramble found her dead on a thunderpath, with a squirrel in her jaws. Unable to stand the horror and pain he ran away until he came to this forest.







Cat joke of the week

This week's cat joke:

Q: How do you know when your cat has been using your computer?

A: When your mouse has teeth marks on it!


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New members:  

Clan Code

Read the Clan Code thoroughly and make sure you follow all the rules in it!

I will not tolerate people, who ignore to follow my few simple rules, some of which you've probably already seen on other websites like mine. So, please, read it, memorise it and follow it!

◦Do NOT steal prey from other Clans' territories.

◦Elders and queens must be fed first.

◦Clan cats should defend their Clan even at the cost of their lives.

◦A leader gets nine lives when he/she goes to the Sky Stone and spends a night there.

◦Clan cats must NEVER fight on the night of the full moon.

◦The command of a leader should be obeyed immediately.

◦As soon as the Clan's deputy dies, a new one should be chosen.

◦Medicine cats should go to the Sky Stone every half moon to share dreams with SkyClan.

◦Warriors may not have mates from other Clans.

◦A kit may become an apprentice only when he is six moons old.

◦If a kit is hurt - and no matter what Clan he/she is from - any cat who can see him should help.

◦Every full moon there is a Peaceful Meeting, which EVERY Clan should attend.

◦If a rival Clan's patrol or a rogue trespasses on your territory, you have permission to attack them. Although, if you are badly outnumbered, you should let them go, warning them to be careful with their actions next time, or...BATTLE!

◦A cat can only become a leader after 6 moons for serving his Clan loyally and truthfully.

◦Only a WARRIOR CAT can become a deputy or leader (no humans, no foxes; exceptions can be made for former kittypets or rogues or loners)

◦Clan needs to support their leader if what he/she does, but they do have the right to rebel as a group if they are unhappy with their leader's actions - if these actions are unrightful, of course.

◦Patrols should have at LEAST three cats, preferably three warriors and one apprentice (full patrol). 

Please acknowledge these rules and try not to break them! Amends are hard to be made after a certain rule has been broken, so think of the consequences before doing something you know you would later regret.