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Welcome to the Kittypets, Rogues and Loners page

Those cats, that have decided not to live as a Clan cat and defend their Clan with their lives, are either kittypets (cats that live with humans in warm homes), rogues (usually unfriendly cats that defend a piece of land they live on, but don't stay there long; neither do they join the Clans) or loners (like rogues, but peaceful; they live in harmony with the Clan cats, but they don't have any desire to join them, since they prefer to hunt for themselves and travel around, rarely with another cat to accompony them).

Don't treat them with disrespect, for it is just another way of life. Perhaps calmer and less risky, but, unfortunately, not for all.

Kittypets, please talk between each other and decide if you want to live in one house together, ok? I don't want to put up a chat-box for each cat, so please chare. Same goes for rogues and loners - please share your territory with others, thanks. (Kittypets, you need to role-play your owners, too, unless someone agrees to role-play them instead of you.)

By the way, if you ever want to become a Clan cat, post it up on the Joining post-box, mentioning your origin, and then which Clan you'd like to be in, etc. Don't forget, you'll have to earn the trust of your leader before you can think about getting your warrior name! xD

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News:We seem to have a lot of rogues and not that many kitty-pets. Dont be afraid to join.

New kittypets: Fluffy

New kits:

New owners (humans): Nyra and Hawk.




Nile's Family's territory

Owners: Nyra and Hawk


 This is bear.                                             This is Aqua                         This is Emmy               This is  Cristian                                  


Thisslethorn's and Thissletail's home

Owner: Elizabeth

Kittypets: Thisslethorn and Thissletail


Peakachu's and Razzy's home

Owners: Rick( dead. Killed by Peakachue ) Alli and Josh

Kittypet: Peakachu and Razzy



Peakachue is shy and easily scared... has been tormented by his twolegs as you can tell by his picture but yet he loves them still with all his heart. He has no family as far as he knowsBut he has a distant memory of a leaf falling with Dew on it. He now lives alone.



Razzy is a young ginger kittypet who loves the forest. He often sees and smells forest cats as he sits on his fence, watching. He likes to wonder around in the trees, catching mice. Even if he loves his twolegs he still wishes he could live in the wild. He hopes he is never taken to the vet because he wants to have a mat and kits someday. If they try to take him to the cutter he will run away.

Mother: Unknown  Father: Unknown  Rank: Kittypet  Mother: Bright (missing) Father: Greenstripe (dead) Crush: Leopardprint




Moss's home

Owners: Jenny and Rodrigo (mates)

Kittypets: Moss and Frost



Moss is a light-weighted fluffy ginger and brown tom with a white tail tip and green-grey eyes. He likes to sleep all day and doesn't have the bravery to go into the forest all by himself in the dark, though he is quite couragous. Nothing can keep him away from hunting for prey, especially mice and birds, but he does appreciate some milk and warm kittypet food on cold winter days, when prey is scarce. He hates being referred to as a coward, because he thinks of himself highly and is smart, loyal to his owner, Jenny, usually calm, friendly, likes to help cats out and goes crazy sometimes. He is also very young and likes to learn new things.

Has no relatives. Mate: Mici


Frost is a she-cat; she is small and white, with blue and green eyes. Frost is shy, sometimes (but rarely) brave, and she does not remember her mother. She remembers her father, though she can't remember if she had siblings or not. She lost some of her memory when she fell into a lake and bumped her head on a rock at the bottom. Her one goal is to join PowerClan and become and medicine cat or a deputy.

Crush: Dust (forbidden), mother: Mosscreek (PowerClan), father: Thunderstrike, sibling: Riverkit


Frost and Cloud's home

Owners: Lizzie and Seth (mates)

Kittypets: Frost and Cloud


Frost is a very mean but smart she-cat, who once belonged in MoonClan. She has white fur, one green eye and one blue eye. She left, because she wasn't the leader and was adopted by two humans, who she exploits a lot. She would really like to take over MoonClan, but she waits for her chance. Meanwhile, she gets spoilt by Lizzie and Seth.

Sister: Cloud


Cloud is a dark grey furred she-cat with yellow eyes. A very shy cat, her sister took her when she left MoonClan. Cloud didn't want to leave, but Frost made her. She's a very loving kittypet and loves her humans very much. She's kind, caring and very smart. She plans frequently to go back to the forest, but feels a sense of duty to her sister, so she stays.

Her older sister: Frost

Mici's home

Owners: Lisa, James, Keisa, Zon

Kittypet: Mici


Mici is a Birman she-cat, who loves being stroked by her owners. She's kind and caring if needed and she's liked by the neighbouring cats.

Has no relatives. Mate: Moss

Pipin's home

Owners: Jenn, Karie, Dan and Rick 

Kittypet: Pipin


Pipin is a black and white tuxedo she-cat, known to be 200% smarter than other cats just because of the breed. She has white-tipped ears and one black toe. She also has one black dot on her nose. Pipin can be playful and selfish, and she is territorial.

She doesn'y know anything about her kin; only talks about River. Crush: Snake (rogue)

(Tell Rough if you do not like this temporary pic)

Tar's and Plague's home

Owners: Cane and Blake(Mates) 

Kitty-pets: Tar and Plague


Tar: She was once a rogue that was captured by two-legs. She hates her name and hates kittypet life. She lives with her older sister. She is the age of an app but can fight like an experianced warrior. She wants to get away from kittypet life but doesnt think any clan will take her.

Mother: Tata(Deceased), Father: Vice(Deceased), Sister: Plague Crush: Nighteyes (rogue) 

(Pic doesn't work srry)


She is a hatefull she-cat, she hates her life and thinks all two-legs should punish for what they do to cats. She lets the two-legs do what they want to her because her sister cant make up her mind to stay or leave. The left side of her face is scared and she has scars on her left paw, and shoulder. Shes hateful because her father gave her the scars.

Mother: Tata(Deceased), Father: Vice(Deceased), Sister: Tar Crush: Zuduth

(Pic doesn't work srry)

Skunk and Destiny's Home

Skunk(kitty-pet) I am very shy and scared.I am a black and white tom with blue eyes.I get teased because of my name.I made some good friends in powerclan and earthclan.I go everywhere with Destiny.I will do anything with her. Kin:Mother-Crystal(dead) Father-Flames(dead) Sister-Destiny


 Destiny(kitty-pet) I am a very sweet and friendly she-cat.I am silver with black flecks.I am fluffy and have blue eyes.I enjoy a good adventure. I am sometimes devilish but you can't hurt my feelings reallly.I am very bubbly.I might join the clans but i don't know.I love my brother and housefolk. Kin: Mother-Crystal(dead) Father-Flames(dead) Brother-Skunk


Raven's House


Raven :
he is a black tom with green eyes he is friendly & kind. 

(temp. pic tell Nettlewing if unwanted.)(Im sorry chatbox isn't working,please ask Thunderclaw or other moderator to add one.)


Mitten's House


Name-Mittens (kitty-pet) Coat color-A birman she-cat with pretty blue eyes. Crush-Clue Personality-A gorgeus she-cat.She is sweet and loves her house-folk.She loves butterflies and snow.She doesn't like water like most cats.She is shy but fast.She is a grea fence leaper.
(your pic,wouldn't work. Darn webs. Tell Nettlewing if you dont like this pic.) (im sorry Chatbox isnt working,please ask Thunderclaw,or another moderator to add one.)

Haylie's Home


Twoleg- Alex 
She was an outcast unlike her popular and perfect sister. To everyone else, she was flawed and not good enough. Her sister wouldn't even hang out with her unless they weren't in the eye shot of others. She hated it. One day while going home, they were attacked by a clutter of bob cats. She was left with her stomach cut open, her throat almost ripped out and her tail completely missing. The twoleg, Alex, saved them and patched them up, sowing her stomach and neck back. She has a hidiously patchy scar down her stomach and her enck has one large scar from the bottom of her throat to the middle of her chest. She doesn't mind her looks, for she didn't get as bad as her sister. She desided to stay with the twoleg, since he did save her life. 
Kin-(sister) Crookedsmile 


Fluffy's House

Fluffy :
Coat color-A fluffy and beautiful brown and white she-cat. She has pretty green eyes. 
Personality-She is calm but protective of kits. She wants a mate and doesn't care if he is from the clans or not. She is gentle and soothing. She is light on her paws. She has long legs. She is very nice and rarely shy. She is in good age.



Lin's home



A bright orange she-cat with green eyes and sleek fur, though her tail is fluffy. She's known for her ADD and lack of balance. She's clumsy, but is always in a good mood. She missed her parents and hopes to see them some day. She also hopes to find a mate.

Sister: Remorse, Mother: ???, Father: ???



News:Clue and Mittens have met.

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New rogues:Moss,(Kakashi(did you add yourself?) if you want to be added post it on my profile. And please refrain from copying any other tv. show.)

New kits:

Beaverkit's territory

Beaverkit is a little kitten who left his parents because he hated the fact that they were once kittypets!


Is a kind  little cuddly little kit that is enegetic, dangerous, adventurious, and hates kittypets.

( this is a picture of Beaverkit sneaking out of his parents old twoleg house )



Mystery's territory

Rogue: Mystery


Kin: Mother: unknown (dead?), father: unknown (dead?), sister: Blueflower is her 'sister-in-law', since she's her brother's mate, brothers: TigerbarkDeathcat and Shorttail both alive! Nephew: Briar


Description: Mysterious and slow but faster than anything alive when he wants to be fast. Grey and white and never to be messed with unless yo want to die in less than  a second. Stay off his territory!

Personality: Never to be messed with unless yo want to die in less than a second. Stay off his territory!

Mate: looking


Owl and Feather's territory

Rogues: Feather and Owl


Featheris a cream-coloured she=cat with ice blue eyes.

Mate: Owl 


Owl is a grey tom with green eyes. 

Mate: Feather 

Blade's territory

Rogue: Blade (Bladeshadow)


Blade is a black and ginger tom. With powerful muscles, and amazingly long and sharp claws, no one would want to see this rogue in battle. His only goal is to kill Hawkstar and become the leader of EarthClan (and take the name Bladestar).

Father: HawkstarStep Mother: LittlewhisperMate: Bluewhisper


 A Rusty-and-Black she cat with amber eyes. She's quick nimble, and strong. Falcon left her clan when she found weakness in it's depths, and left to join Blade 

Sister: Leaf(Loner) 


Rough's territory

Rogue: Rough


Rough is a tom. He has a swollen eye from a previous battle with a Clan patrol. He has smoky grey fur and startling blue eyes, and is evil. He had his short-term memory lost and all he remembers was being caught, him and a faint black blur fighting, the black blur falling to the ground, him screaming and then something hitting him across the back of the head...hard. When he woke up he could remember nothing and no one was there. He can't even remember who the faint black blur was. He knows he has two children, but doesn't know who they are either. (Is the one in Mercilesslife's prophecy)

Doesn't know anything about his family. 


He was once a Earthclan kit. He lives with Rough and is trained by him, Winter, and Pace. He is a natural killer. He was taken by a hawk and dropped in Roughs terrtory. His clan thinks hes dead and he cant wait to get revenge on them.

Goldfang's territory

Rogue: Goldfang


Goldfang is a goldish coloured she-cat with wicked fangs that can hunt a cat feverishly. Goldfang was raised by wolves , because her parents abandonned her when she was young.

Her family is unknown. Crush: Rough


Sun and Moon's territory

Rogues: Sun, Moon, Rain,Cloud, Scarlet, Rose, Song


Sun is an orange she-cat with blue eyes. She's a not very nice cat to be with, to tell you the truth, but she is nice to her mate and her son, Iceleaf, who she lost. She had him in the Clans when she was known as Sunscorch. She venges revenge to the Clans for exiling her and Moon, and for taking away her son when he was a kit.

Mate: Moon, son (first litter): Iceleaf, kits (second litter): Rain, Cloud, Scarlet, Rose, Song


Moon is a whitish-grey tom with blue eyes. He is mean, just like his mate, but loves her and his son, who he doesn't even know. He wants nothing of the Clans and wishes they would just vanish and his son would return, which PowerClan took from him and his mate when he was known as Moonwhisper.

Mate: Sun, son (first litter): Iceleaf, kits (second litter): Rain, Cloud, Scarlet, Rose, Song



Rain is a blueish-black tom with a white nose and ice-blue eyes. He is just like his mum - he doesn't trust anyone and hates the Clans. He is also curious.

Mother: Sun, father: Moon, littermates: Cloud, Scarlet, Rose, Song Crush: Night



 Song is a sweet she~cat to her family and friends. But wants to get rid of the Clans for good! She has amber eyes and is a small white cat. Some cats have taunted her because of her tininess but think before you do that,because if you do you be looking for your ears! Song wants to be just like her mother, and that's that!

Mother: Sun, father: Moon, littermates: Scarlet, Rose, Cloud, Rain


Sand has smooth fur and is a ginger she-cat with a white pelt and grey eyes. She loves to play-fight with her silbings and other kits. She adores the warriors and hopes to one day grow up and become one of them, proud and successful. She has a great ambition to hunt and be the best at that. Her coordination is a little bit off, but that doesn't side her out of games, for she is the top of the group, always in front of everyone! Sand used to like to follow and copy her father in every possible way, and not forgetting her mother, she always brang her clean moss from the medicine cat's den and then listened to stories from the elders. As many kits do, she liked to wander around in the medicine cat's den. However, not to trip and roll something over, but to learn the different smells of herbs and their origins. Her loyalties were divided between being a medicine cat or a warrior. She was confused in her Clan, and corrupted by the rogues to become on eof them. SHe doesn't know what she she really caused but she wants to stick with Night who had come with her. She is unsure of herself and it sometimes leads her to think she must be going crazy. This cat can never get mad. She's very kind, loving and also, funnily enough, really theatrical and talented in that sort of area. She can easily fool an enemy in a fight or with words and a twinkle of the eye and, all in all, she's a wonderful cat, one that the Clan wanted and treasured well, but she she altered the path of her life and became a rogue. She lives with Sun and she does sometimes miss her Clan, but when she's sad, she forces herself to deal with it. She used to have a crush on Hawkkit of PowerClan, but now she feels like he could never like her. She is ashamed but at times proud of herself for dealing with it. She has no idea how her life is going to be and she didn't mean to hurt anyone.

Mother: Flowerfoot, father: Wolfcreek, siblings: Powderkit, Briarkit, Cousin: Gingerkitty, Crush: Hawkkit(Powerclan)


She is shy but outgoing. she loves her family but knows she made the right choise. She loves her brother and always will no matter what. She sticks with Sand no matter what, and always will. At times she thinks shes losing her mind, of all the thoughs she has. Crush: Rain

(Pic doesn't work srry)

Kea's territory

Rogues: Kea and Sammy


Kea is a black and white she-cat with a quick changing personality.

Mate: Sammy, kits: Honeyflower (MoonClan), Falconkit (dead), Mousekitty (dead), Blackkit (dead), granddaughters: Snowtiger (WaterClan), Riverkitty and Windkitty (both in MoonClan), grandsons: Shadowkit and Thunderkit (both in MoonClan)



Sammy is a jet-black and white tom with green eyes and a nice personality. After his mother got killed for having a kittypet mate, he went to go live by himself, soon finding Kea. He hopes to one day get the Clans back for killing his mother.

Mother: Scarletrose (deceased), father: Squirrel (deceased), mate: Kea, kits: Honeyflower (MoonClan), Falconkit (dead), Mousekitty (dead), Blackkit (dead), granddaughters: Snowtiger (WaterClan), Riverkitty and Windkitty (both in MoonClan), grandsons: Shadowkit and Thunderkit (both in MoonClan)

Hate's territory

Rogue: Hate


Hate is surprisingly a girl; she's a black she-cat with endless dark, red eyes. She is known as soulless or even heartless. She will kill everything in her path (including kits) with her razor sharp, dog teeth reinforced, savaging claws. Though she is only the age of an apprentice in the middle of training, her heart is dark, and she feels little pain. What is her weakness? Her goal is to rule the forest and possibly more. She is certainly a rogue, but smells a bit of EarthClan.

Mother: Whistlewind (EarthClan), siblings: Falconshadow (EarthClan), Robinpaw (SkyClan), Featherprint (EarthClan), Ravenpath (EarthClan), her father is unknown, crush: Snake

Snake's territory

Rogue: Snake



Snake is a ginger tom with scaled green eyes. He has really long claws, and is quick and clever like a snake. Wants to have the power to do what he wants.

Kits: Echosong (MoonClan) and Bladepaw (PowerCan) Crush: Razor


Razor's territory

Rogue: Razor


Razor is an all-black she-cat with razor sharp claws. Her goal is to win a well fought battle!

Has no relatives

River and Forest's territory


River~ A peaceful silver and gray she-cat with yellow eyes. Can be mad, angry or even the greatest at battle if she thinks it's for a good cause. There is one cat she hates the most. Hawkstar.

Brother: Hawkstar Cousin: Blade Kit: Forest

Leaf's territory

Leaf~ I grew up very sweet. I would have just become an apprentice in your idiotic hierarchy in the clans. I don't care. I loathe you all, if you are a pathetic clan cat. They think they're so cool because of... let me stop before his is a speech. I'm a black cat. I was always told I was bad luck. Unlike my brother Lucky who is a black cat but apparently the name does him good. I'm here because once long ago my sister Willow(print) went on an evening stroll. As not to freak out my mother me, Raven, Lucky, Bracken and Ripple followed her. Her scent led us into the woods, deeper then we have ever gone before. We were lost, she was found. Simple. I want her dead because that's how she almost left the rest of us and to rule her clan would only get better. Now I feel hate often towards others that don't share my feelings. Though I've fell in love it always ends bitterly, but I will find I mate, that I swear. I've murdered and I'm not afraid to do it again. Don't for your benefit I repeat don't stand in my way. I have nothing special unlike you that wear the stupid dog claws and have "magic powers" I just have a drive. A drive that would make Scourge or Brokenstar quiver in fear. Join me. I need you. HA! Trust me you can tell I mean it if I say need. I need nothing. Nothing that any of you can offer. Join my forces and we can rule the forest, for real. My top warriors will get top ranks but get out of hand and you will fall faster then a dead bird. Who knows, maybe you might be dead. Hurry, time runs before I get to you anyways, in a bad way...

Goals: To take over Powerclan and to kill my sister.

Mother: Cream (hiding with her new litter waiting for each time my father goes back to her. Somehow he always finds his way back)
Father: Slither (alive and out there, lurking)
Sisters: Willowprint (Powerclan) Raven (around)
Brothers: Lucky, Bracken, Ripple (around) and one that she can't quite remember...

Unknown's and Rose's territory



A bunch of black furred cats came to his home and killed his family and tried to kill him. He got away with a bad wound on his eye and a few more over his pelt. His eye wound turned to a scar and kept his eye closed. He was adopted by Sun but only Rose and Sun trusted him. They all thought he was a clan spy and didnt trust him. He told Rose, the cat he loved, he was leaving and she asked to join him. He didnt want her to leave her family but she insisted on coming, so he let her.

Mate: Rose (since cant be mates yet)


Rose is a light orange she-cat with brown eyes. She makes jokes of everything, and loves to be around cats and humans. She has an easy-going personality, and loves to laugh and just have fun.

Mother: Sun, father: Moon, littermates: Song, Rain, Cloud, Scarlet, Mate: Unknown


Ice's territory


A white, sleek furred she-cat with gray eyes. She is kind and loves her daughters. She can fight when needed though. She hopes of joining a clan with a kind leader someday and hopes her daughters will always be safe.

Daughters: Sapphira and Mara



A gray tabby she-cat with blazing blue eyes. She is loyal and will protect her sister at all costs. She hopes to always be near her sister. She has a crush on Bladepaw of Powerclan.

Mother: Ice Sister: Mara


A light brown, tabby she-cat with steel-blue eyes. She is the youngest of the family. She is known for her ADHD. She is shy and is glad for Sapphira's protection. She loves her mother and will go anywhere she goes.

Mother: Ice Sister(Older): Sapphira




She looked nothing like her Mother foster Mother or even her Father. She's black with blue eyes, but her Mother was sandy yellow and her Father was bluish with a long scar down his side. Her Mother, Butter met Ash, her Father when she was released by her Two-legs. Smart, but lonely, Sea's hard to get close to and can be hostile and aggressive She enjoys living with Ice, Sapphira and Mara. She wants to stay away from her Father and wants to have a happy ending.

Mother: Butter, Father: Ash, Foster Mother: Ice, Foster Sisters: Sapphira and Mara, Crush: Has been watching Rain but sees Night though she's not discouraged. 

(Pic doesn't work srry)

Ivy's territory



A brown tabby she-cat with a white wing design on her back. Some think she has wings. She can jump really high and far. Will fight when needed. She has a horrible past and wishes that she was never born. She had three daughters, though one grew sick..and died. The other two are growing well though.

Daughters: Zetta(Younger litter) and Ket(Older litter. You will find her in the journey.)

(No pic yet)

Ket: A beautiful dark gray she-cat with emerald-green eyes. She was taken when she was a kit by an evil cat named Zuduth. Forced to do his dirty work, Ket has had a horrible life.

Sister(Younger litter): Zetta Mother: Ivy

(No pic yet)


A dark ginger she-cat with black stripes along her back. Her eyes are always bloodshot and wet. he fur around her eyes is always damp. She turned blind weeks ago from this disorder. She always feels pain from the disorder as well. She misses her sister alot.

Sister(Older litter): Ket Mother: Ivy

(No pic yet)

Kirak's territory


Name: Kirak

An orange she-cat with a white belly and a bushy tail. She has pointed ears with black tips. Most mistake her as a fox. She used to live in a bracken cave, but ran away from her family years ago. She now lives in a small cave in the lush forest.

No kin

(No pic yet.)

Zuduth's territory


A male demon spirit who takes the bodies of helpless and tempted cats. Now he is using the body of a cat named Samyaza. Samyaza was a loved leader in his clan. He walked into the woods one day and never returned. Or so they think. Zuduth had taken his body and had returned several days later. They couldn't reconize him because Zuduth is completely different than Samyaza. (This happened right before the journey.) He is a dark grey tom with soft yellow eyes. Zuduth plans to destroy the clans. Even the ones in other forests.

(No relatives)

(No pic yet)


A sleek black cat with a ginger belly and amber eyes. Thoug he's only the size and age of an apprentice, he can fight good, and be good. His claws are very long and sharp and stained dark red. He lost his memory after and accident and wants to gain it back.

(No relatives)

(No pic yet)

Myra's territory

Rogue: Myra


A longhaired dark tortoiseshell she-cat with leaf-green eyes. She has one kit and is pregnant but her mate died. His name was Aspenbreeze, and he was killed by an unknown Clan cat who happened to be evil for falling in love with a rogue, Myra. She wants to join Sun in taking down the Clans for that but she can be kind otherwise. When she isn't filled with sorrow, she can be a very sweet cat.

Kit: Spice


A small torbi she-cat who is about the age of an apprentice and is kind of shy. She is blind in one eye and is sometimes teased for it but she can be fierce. She wants to find a mate and misses her father greatly, though she met him only once. She doesn't like the Clans but at the same time she is drawn to their ways. She is smart and quiet.

Mother: Myra

(Srry pic doesn't work)

Nighteyes' territory



A strange and mysterious rouge with a dark past. He has always been a loner and tends to avoid other rouges. However he will fight to the end for the Friends he dose have and will never say no to a request. His goals are classified.

Kin: No one knows where he came from or who his parents were becuase he changes the story everytime

Tanks and Scorpio's terriotry

Slightly barren, but with a cluster of trees and with lots of rabbit holes and hiddey holes. Theres a large den beneath the hill in an old rabbit tunnel.


Tank~ coming soon

Scorpio~ Coming soon

Wrath~ Coming soon





Did I miss any?

Ginger's territory


A young ginger tabby she-cat with mysterious and cute blue eyes. She left Powerclan to become a rouge because she had no ties there and has a list of things to complete. Ginger is wise, sweet, brave, aggressive, determined, sharp toungued and quiet at times. She's never really been close to anybody and the few times she has they have broken her heart. She loves to hunt and practice fighting and is fast, though is still working on her strength. Ever since and accident, she's been having dreams that tell prophecies and she is the only cat that knows about the dark road that Hawkkit can take when he- Well, you don't need to know...yet. She wants Sand to understand her loss but she's still figuring out what happened. No matter who you are, you can't help but be stunned by her adorable looks and fun personality  that hold a crushed little kitten inside. She wants to find a happy-ish ending.

Mother: Mosscreek(Deceased), Father: Inkheart(Deceased), Siblings: Basilkit(Deceased) and Mintkitty(Deceased), Cousins: Sand, Ivykitty, Frostkitty, Powderkit, Briarkit, and Hawkkit, Uncles: Flameclaw, Wolfcreek and Moonpelt, Aunts: Wolfheart, Flowerfoot and Iceheart

Remorse's territory

Rogue: Remorse


A dark grey she-cat with black ears(Not in pic), purple eyes(Not in pic) and a back leg made of steel(Still, not in pic). She's great at fighting and always tries to protect her territory.  Her Mother and Father are still alive somewhere, and she knows where, but she'll never tell anyone. She hates them. She's done something horrible in her life that she regrets. Her goal is to redeem herself of her sins.

Sister: Lin(Kitty-pet), Mother: ???, Father: ???

Tonks' territory


A fun, adventurous silver cat. His eyes seem to change every moon, and he has a white stripe down his back. 6 moons old. Came from outside the clan territories after his home was burned down. He wants to prove to everyone that he can survive alone. 

Mother: Feather(Kitty-pet), Father: Harry(Kitty-pet)

(No pic yet) 


Ember's Territory

Rogue: Ember

  Ember is a young ginger she- cat. She was in Powerclan but she tryed to kill Frosts kit Fawn. Why did she try to kill Fawn you ask? Because Fawn is Frosts kit, and Frost is Snakeclaws mate, and Snakeclaw is meant to be Embers mate!! She has given birth to Snakeclaws kit because... Lets just not mention that part of the story... She named the kit ANTI-frost.

Mother:Blueflower Father: Shortstar Former mentor: Blueflower Crush: Snakeclaw(powerclan warrior) Rank: rogue Kit: ANTI-frost Sisters: Shineprint, Leafmist... Etc.

Mist's Territory

 Rogue: Mist

Mist is a Grey tabby she-cat with green eyes and white paws. She is not very friendly when people enter her territory besides her brother. 

Mom:Feather Dad: Owl Sister: Blood(dead) :brother: Oakleaf

Midnight's Territory


Rogue: Midnight

Midnight is a tough rogue that's black with icy blue eyes. She is friendly, sweet but she has a fericem temper and will kill any cat that messes with her or her loved ones. She is a very skilled fighter and very protective. She would love a mate to keep her company. 

(No relatives )




Ichabod's territory


Name: Ichabod Age: 8 moons Clan: Rougue Kin: None Description: A silver and black Tom with yellow eyes. He's shy, yet loyal. His back legs sometimes spazz due to defect at birth. Hopes: He may be a loner, but he someday wants to be a medicine cat in any clan

Deathstar ' s Territory


He use to be Waterclan's leader but one day vanished. When he returned his clan had replaced him. He has thought of killing the new leader to regain his rank but for now hes keeping hushed in the rogue territory. He still has all nine of his lives and will kill anyone who messes with him. 
Kin-(Daughters)-Lilykitty, Violetkitty(Son)-Blackkit(all earthclan) 

Mate-Whisperingsong(Earthclan)(Even tho she thinks hes dead) 


Featherprint's Territory

She is training with Killergaze to be a Medcine Cat,but once she has learned enough she will leave onto her rouge territory.She is caring and sweet but can be grumpy at times because she has lost all of her family. She lives alone is her territory but enjoys it most of the time.



Hawkstar's Territory


A sleek black tom with eyes like a hawk's. He's done many things in his past that he regrets, but he hopes to overcome them. He was once the leader of Earthclan, and his clanmates think he's dead. But he has one life left, and now lives as a rogue. He misses his mate dearly, and never found out if his kits became warriors, or not. 

Mate: Littlewhisper, Sons: Blade, Ghosteye, Duststorm, Patchkit, Seakit, Hawkkit, and Ashkit, Daughter: Moonshadow, Sister: River(Deceased) 


Shiver's Territory 

Shiver (Rogue): She is very harsh and keeps to herself,all of the time. Her only family she ever had,tried to kill her when she was young. She never trust s anyone now. She is beautiful. She will defend her territory with her life,so i would suggest not getting on her bad side. If you meet her she can be very sweet,but she will let no one past her brick barrier.



Clue's Territory.

Clue (Rogue) :He is a hateful cat,that doesn't have any intrest for any cat. He is a great fighter,and will kill you if you make him angry.He hates she-cats.Although if he did have a mate to "tame" him or "tie him down" he probably would be very sweet on the inside but cruel on the outside. His main goal,is to live in his terriotry with no bother,but there is always going to be that cat that wont leave him alone.





River's Territory

River (rogue): she is a harsh she-cat who can never be trusted by anyone. She once tried to kill her mother because she was to harsh to her other sisters. She never really knew what was right or wrong. She grew up hating others,and the world. She has a paw that is completely limp and doesn't work. She doesn't find it useful and never tried to fix it. She would never ask the clan cats for help. She thinks Skyclan is made up,and doesn't believe in them either. She has a sister but never gets to see her,because she is in the clans.




Brindle's Territory

Brindle (rogue): she is a pretty tabby that stays away from everyone. she likes solitude and never wanted or needed a companion. she is known among rogues for her amazing fighting skills. she doesnt believe in Skyclan and hates the clans because of her past (Didn't give me a pic)


Moss's Territory

Crush- None 
Posistion- Rouge 
Description- He looks a bit like a dog, a shiba inu, but one ear is flopped over, and he is light gray with splotches of white, and mossy green eyes. 
Personality- He might not be the best fighter, but he is about as much as a genius as you'll get. He's clever, and thinks great plans, loving to mess with the clan cats. He confuses many cats, because he knows the name of almost everything a human has, and the name of a human itself.


Kakashi's Territory



Kakashi has a rather solitary and matter-of-fact attitude. His calm and detached demeanour has been called "cool, hip, and trendy".Despite his increasingly growing reputation and prowess, Kakashi has shown no signs of arrogance, and is rather modest about his abilities, as shown when he readily praises others for leaps in their combat abilities . His naturally calm attitude is used to his advantage in battle, as it becomes easier for him to maintain his composure to stay focused on the situation at hand, and ultimately notice everything around him. As a result, he can quickly adjust to any situation to make keen and thought-out decisions, allowing him to stay steps ahead of his opponents. He can be humourours when he needs to be.Kakashi is a huge tom with tough strong muscles and broad shoulders.


Zero's Territory

Zero is a young rouge who would be an apprentice if he were in the Clans.

 He is entirely black and rather large for his age. The only marking on him is a white streaks right above his nose. He has grayish blue eyes.

He is stubborn, ruthless, and usually sarcastic. He likes exploring, and nothing else. Though....

He might have an epic crush...



Sky's Territory

She is a beautiful white and black she-cat. She enjoys hunting,and exploring other territory. She has piercing blue eyes with green specks in them. When she was younger,her and Zero would always hang out,until she had to move away from him,now she has no clue that she lives near him. She has a huge crush on him,but wouldn't say anything.




Mottle's Territory

Mottle is a roughed up cat who is the father to the Torn Warrior, Silentshadow, and Rainfern of Earthclan. He is quick to pick a fight, and all the trees on his territory are scratched-up, because he constantly scratches things to keep his long, curved claws sharp. He left Airclan once his son had become an apprentice, and he never saw him or his daughter again. He has long, spiky silver/gray fur, a white and black underbelly that is ringed with brown, has many black stripes, and has tips of white, gray and brown on his face/muzzle. He has many scars, and accusing yellow eyes.





Shadowfern's Territory 


a large gray tom who is loyal to his friends. 
mate:Tigershadow (Airclan) 
ps: don't tell flashstar!(temp. pic,tell Nettlewing if not liked.)




 Hello! Its Nettlewing! If you would like to be added please post it on my profile,and i'll be sure to get to it right away!



New loners:

Badgerclaw's territory


Badgerclaw is the son of Thunderstrike and Mosscreek. He now lives as a loner, having left PowerClan. He is a solid black tom with a white stripe across his head.

Mother: Mosscreek, father: Thunderstrike



Bluewhisper's territory


Loner: Bluewhisper


Bluewhisper is a blue she-cat with green eyes. She likes to play with others. If messed with she will fight. She hopes to become one of a kind warrior and helper.

Has no relatives apart from her one sibling: Sacrifice. Mate: Blade

Blood's territory

Loner: Blood


Blood is a white tom with green eyes. He has a red paw, but he doesn't know where he got it from. He is young and strong, and loves to fight. He is very aggressive to new cats, though he just meets them sometimes. He likes sitting and feeling the air on his pelt. He is a great hunter and fighter.

Has no relatives

(Temp pic, tell Blade if you don't like)

Calypso's territory

Loner: Calypso


Calypso is a slim, jet-black she-cat with silvery-green eyes. She is agile, clever, and usually sarcastic. She won't object to a mate, but doesn't specifically want one, and hasn't even found any cat she likes, yet, tom or she-cat. She is mean to people she doesn't like, but is pretty nice to people she does. She is a new loner, but is kind of like a rogue. She is sharp-tongued, proud, and can be sly if she wants to. He only goals are: to survive, basically, and also maybe have a mate if a nice tom comes along.

Sister: Vixen (dead), crush: Ultimateclaw


Ultimateclaw's territory

Loner: Ultimateclaw


Ultimateclaw is a handsome ginger tom. He enjoys to lie in the sun as his fur sparkles and shines. He is fairly fierce. He enjoys fighting, though he does it rarely. He is highly flirty. He is very skilled in healing and sometimes, yet rarely, gets a vision from SkyClan when someone is about to die. Also is favourable for spirits to talk through. He has black pads and his fur is silky. His green eyes are piercing and sometimes glow in the dark. He wants a mate that cares for him and is unique like himself. He is good at hunting and word fights. He is wise and tends to help even those he doesn't know.

Has no relatives

Ravenpath's territory

Loner: Ravenpath


Ravenpath is a black she-cat with amber eyes. She decided to leave her home Clan, EarthClan, and her well-loved family to be a rogue not long ago, and is still adopting to the differences and difficulties of this life.

Mother: Whistlewind (EarthClan), siblings: Robinpaw (SkyClan) and Falconshadow (EarthClan), father: Blade (a rogue, just like her)

Winter's territory


Winter~ (info coming soon, for Calypso(loner))


Pace~ (info coming soon. For Whiteprint (waterclan))



She is grayish-blue she~cat with green eyes. She has never been involved with a clan but helps cats in need. She knows herbs that clan healers don't know of and is very wise. Some cats get advice from her and sometimes she has to tell them the bad news. No one knows where she came from but she seems to be missing sometimes but they see other animals in her same pelt.

Kin- It's a secret shhh

Roy's Territory


A black tom with grey eyes and intense knowledge. He isn't the best at fighting, but can always make a strategy. He's usually a loner and is normally spotted by a river or waterfall, deep in thought.

(No relatives)

(No pic)


Elam's territory



A bright brown tabby tom with soft green eyes and a white belly. He doesn't believe in Skyclan, but in a much more powerful clan. He says it isn't a clan. He worships GOD and Jesus the Messiah instead. He is very fond of kits, but doesn't want to join a clan. He wants to spread the gospel around the forest.

Kin: No kin

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