Warriors Roaming The Forest

Test your abilities to your limits!

Welcome to the PowerClan camp

This is the Clan of power! It's an ordinary Clan, of course, but the warriors are very well-built and muscular, and amazingly strong. If you want to plan an attack on PowerClan, you have to think twice before making any permanent decisions. After all, it's no good returning back to camp with only half of your warriors, is it?!

The PowerClan cats can also be very sensitive, but that doesn't make them weak at all. These cats are loyal, smart, fierce and fair.


New PowerClan members

News: Rowanfur is the editor of PowerClan; PM him if there are any warrior or apprentice ceremonies or new cats so he can add them up!

New warriors: Waterfang,Ravenflight

New mentors: 

New apprentices: Minnowprint and Ashprint

New kits: Orangekit and Hazelkitty

Camp clearing

This is where the PowerClan cats meet after a long day of hard work to share prey together and chat about life. 

Leader's den

Here, the leader can have private meetings with the deputy and senior warriors to discuss several issues and make decisions. The leader can also plan warrior and other ceremonies here. If you want to be a mentor, for example, come here and ask your leader to make you into one.

Medicine cat's den

Here, the medicine cat and his/her apprentice will care for the sick cats and sort out herbs inside the den. Next to the den. there is a small tree with overhanging branches, that shelter a small patch of grass, where the medicine cats can sleep on warm nights or where they can make nests for their ill Clanmates. Also, there is a little clear blue puddle behind the den, where they can soak moss.

Warriors' den

In here, the warriors will sleep at night and in the hottest time of the day. The den is very well sheltered and big enough to fit a whole army of cats inside it.

Apprentices' den

Over here, the young apprentices can gossip about the warriors and grouch about the grumpy elders, and, of course, sleep to be restful for the next day.


The nursery is where she-cats, who are expecting kits, will be staying. Queens need to live in the nursery, caring for their kits, until the kits are old enough to become apprentices. Then, the mothers can go back to carrying out their warrior duties and sleeping in the warriors' den.

Elders' den

Here, the Clan's elders can relax and sunbathe, as well as sleep at night. Be sure that they'll grouch and groan whenever an apprentice comes to clean out their bedding and check their pelt for ticks!



Shortstar is a tom with gray and black stripes. He was born as a kittypet with loner blood as well. By the time he was two moons old, both parents were loners. PowerClan took him in. He has a fierce glare, and is strong, enthusiastic, kind and generous. Shortstar is also fast, smooth and sensitive. His goal is to become a great warrior or Medicine Cat, or hopefully the Clan leader someday. Can't wait to have kits! He is sweet and loyal, friends with cats from all Clans, but not afraid to fight for his Clan.

Mother: unknown (probably dead), Father: unknown (probably dead), brother: Tigerbark (medicine cat for BarkClan), sisters: unknown (probably dead), mate: Blueflower




Blueflower (queen):

Blueflower is a quiet blueish-grey she-cat with amber eyes, aiming to be a leader one day, but doubts it will happen. She is 34 moons old and has a mate - Shorttail. She is also strong, fearless, and quick to act. She likes to hear all sides of a story, but will defend her Clan with her life. She is a great hunter and very upset her kits - Lionkit and Purplekit - are dead, but thrilled that her kit - Briarprint - lived. She is also happy to be able to hunt and patrol again. It's hard being cooped up in camp. At this time, she is expecting Shorttail's kits. What she wants more than anything is to care for her Clan.

Mate: Shorttail, mother: Sunstream, father, Patchheart (dead), brother: Tantail, sister: Woodheart (dead) and Dawnfeather, kits: Lionkit, Purplekit (both died minutes after birth) and Briarprint (who is still alive), Moonprint, Leafmist, Stonekit, Skykitty, apprentice: Shoreprint



Medicine cat and medicine cat apprentice


She is a calico and tortishell she cat with light green eyes. Shatterprint is calm and laid back but since her family died she has been grumpy, mean and ferice. she dosen't like talking about her family much but her family died one at a time slowly. First her brother, Hawkpaw, he had been stalking prey when a bagder killed him.Then her mother, Scarletstripe, died by a roaring monster(car).Next her sister, Dustfeather, died of a dieases, green cough. Then her father Tigerflare,the most tragic. He died when his own leader took his life when the leader got selfconsions and thought her father was better then him and killed him and told the rest of the clan that he had killed himself. Shatterprint was named after her mother's last ear shattering cry after she got hit. Shatterprint has always given her best and will give more to save her clan. She is equipt with unique battle moves that her father has shown her before he pasted.

Mother:Scarletstripe Father:Tigerflare Brother:Hawkpaw Sister:Dustfeather Mentor was Grapevine




is a mean tempered shecat that lives in powerclan. she cant stan even being in the same den with a loud and alway crying kits loud mouthed apprentices or even over the top grouchy elders Moons: 12 Hopes- to stop being annoyied by other cats crush- no one  Color- golden and white



 Crush-Blackheart(rped by Moonshine) Clan-Powerclan(originally Waterclan)  Coat-A gorgeus ginger and white she-cat with pretty amber eyes. Personality-She is gentle and shy. She doesn't mind eating fish from her past in waterclan. She finds it hard to trust other cats from a former tom that liked her in waterclan and adopted kits without letting her know. She is very sweet and gentle. She is lithe and light on her paws. She is very fast and quick. She is kind and gentle. She means no harm to anyone which gives her a beautiful personality.



 Mate-Sandmoon Kits-Echokitty and Lionkit Kin: Mother-Clawfire Father-Birdscar Sisters-Shorebreeze(powerclan) and Harmonyheart(waterclan) Brother-in-laws-Coabrafang(harmony's mate) and Stonedust(shore's mate) Shore and Stone's kits-Endlesskitty,Whitekitty,Blackkit and Skykit,Tinykitty and Hollykitty Coabra and Harmony's kits-Jadekitty,Auroakitty,Riverkit and Applekitty Personality-He is very muscular.he is kind and gentle.He loves his mate and kits.He still isn't crazy about badgerclaw for trying to steal sandmoon from him.He is protective of sandmoon and their kits.He wants to be leader and he looks up to shortstar.he wants to be a mentor to at least 2 apprentices.He is a quick-thinker and is thoughtful.He is smart and an excellecnt fighter and hunter.He loves his clan and kin alot.



 Moons: 45 Coat Color: she has a white under belly and black fur. she has sliver eyes. 

Personality:she has a short temper, she is nice if she likes you if your lucky she'll tell you her secerts. shes a really high jump she can snatch a bird out of the air she can swim really well she can swim like a fish she fast an slick. she can jclimb trees well shes a good fighter and an exellent fight 
Kin; None Rank: senior



 Kin: Mate-Crookedjaw Kits-Ravenkitty,Blossomkitty,Glowkit,Starkit and Sunkit Coat color-He is a muscular black tom with golden eyes and a scar on his left eye. Personality-He is kind and caring.He has never loved any cat in his life except for Crookedjaw and their kits.Some may think he is evil but that is not correct.He is very nice and friendly.He has a heart of gold.He is a great fighter,hunter and fast runner and a great swimmer and tree climber. History-As a young apprentice a raven attacked him.His whole he had been called Ravenkit,Ravenpaw until his leader could only see him for his looks and named him-Scarred-eye.He trained harder to prove his leader wrong.His own mother cast him aside.He was left to die in the forest one day.He soon switched his name to Ravenscreech. He grew up strong and brave then found powerclan




Kin:Mate who is missing-Birdscar Kits-Shorebreeze(Powerclan) and Thunderstorm(Powerclan) and Harmonyheart(Waterclan) Harmony's mate-Coabrafang Thunder's mate-Sandmoon Shore's mate-Stonedust Grand-kits : Thunder and Sand's kits-Echokitty and Lionkit Harmony and Coabra's kits-Riverkit,Applekitty,Jadekitty and Auroakitty Shore and Stone's kits-Soon Personality-She is loving but she however wants her mate to come back.She loves her kits and garnd-kits so much.She has a great attitude she adores kits and loves watching her family grow each day.She is happy for Harmony but missses her dearly.She wants an apprentice of her own.She is loyal,true and honest hoever she is aging and can get grouchy. Hopes/goals-To get an appretice and to live a long time. (And yes she did find Shore on the shore line when hunting one day) Apprentice:Roseprint

 Yellow-Eyed Brown Mackerel Tabby with White Distrustful Kitty


Clan-Powerclan Kin: Mate-Stonedust Mother-Clawfire Father-Birdscar Sister-Harmonyheart of Waterclan Brother-Thunderstorm of Powerclan Sister-in-law-Sandmoon (Thunder's mate) and Skybreeze(Stone's sister)Brother-in-law-Coabrafang of waterclan(Harmony's mate) Nieces-Auroakity and Applekitty and Jadekitty(Coabra anfd Harmony's daughters) and Echokitty(Thunder and Sand's daughter) Nephews-Lionkit(Sand and Thunder's son) and Riverkit(Coabra and Harmony's son) Mother-in-law-Blueflower Father-in-law-Shortstar Former Mentor-Blueflower Rank-Queen Kits-Expecting Stonedust's Apprentices-None yet Personality-She is sweet and shy.She rarely hisses.She is calm and soothing.She can't wait till her kits are born.She LOVES her mate Stonedust and would risk her life for him and their kits.She learned alot from Blueflower and her parents.She loves to swim.She is a good climber and jumper.She has no powers unlike her mate.She is a good fighter and an excellent hunter. History-She doesn't know this but her mother-Clawfire actually found her on the shore on day when she was out hunting.That is why her name is Shorebreeze.She never met her real parents.She doesn't know any of this.



He is a smooth warrior,with a very charming voice. He loves to be with his mate Shorebreeze,he loves to train and learn. He was sent down by Skyclan to save his clan. He always is improving. His parents were killed by badgers and he and his sister Skybreeze are always trying to find out the message they left them. 

Mother: (unknown) (deceased) Father: (unknown) (deceased) Sister: Skybreeze Mate: Shorebreeze



Vipertooth is a black and white tom with a loving heart. He has a crush on a cat named Whiteprint but it is complicated because she might like someone else. He hopes to have kits someday (with White!!).


Crush (maybe mate): Whiteprint  Clan: Powerclan  Mother: Blueflower  father: Shortstar


 heyo! i am a beautiful she-cat looking for a good mate. i have no family. my only and biggest crush is RonanHeart.  i have no clan though.


Name: Silverclaw

Gender: She-cat

Personality: I am sweet, kind, caring, and i always look at the bright side! I love having friends and I'm never mean. I never fight unless it's self defense for me or someone i care about. I try to be friends with evryone and i am funny! I always make people around me happy.

Characteristics: Fast, flexible, and steady. Is light on her toes and combat ready even thoough she doesn't want to fight. Pelt is grey and glows like the moon at night with a few black stripes. Deep blue eyes and Long whiskers.

 I  have no family.




Name: Stormblaze 
Clan and Rank: Warrior of Powerclan Description and personality: Stormblaze is a gray tom with ember eyes, formally a rouge. Stormblaze is protective of the ones he care for and fierce in battles. He has a soft spot for kits. Kin:Sister: Blizzardpelt; Half-Brother-Wolf; Sisters-in-law-Lilyprint and Creamspark; Brothers-in-law -Jet, Stoneflame, and Flashstar(Blizzardpelt's mate); Nieces-Ivykitty and Hazykitty; Nephews-Blazingkit; Mate-no one; Crush-No one 
Hopes and Goals: To become deputy of any clan and to have a loyal mate


He is a beast that was born in the form of a cat but evil is his friend. He will kill cats the are in his way to leadership, his ambions are high and he has a nasty way of controling power and keeping it that way.He wants to rule the clans and will do whatever it takes to get there. He is a calico  killing machine with glowing yellow eyes.  His  fur is sleek and his muscles are strong but the colors on his pelt look like many cats bunch together to combine this killing machine. He is no threat to his friends and he makes friends often due to his handsome looks and his cool personality. He has no mother or father but hell and evil has built this animal. If only someone or something can save the true form of himself ...


Frostpelt is a White she-cat with blue and green eyes. She was a kittypet but joined powerclan. 

Mom:Mosscreek Dad:Thunderstrike Mate:Snakeclaw Kits: Fawnkitty





I was never a kitty-pet, I hate the thought of sleeping indoors.My mom, Nile, the nicest loner i've ever met,my father on the other hand is uknown. Me,well I have a leopard pelt, longest claws ever,(or thats at least what my mom told me.) And large aqua eyes,I don't ever back down to a fight,and i'll never back down in defending my clan,I hope to have 2 kits someday,and to be honest sometimes im not very good with my temper,also I'll fight to the death if I have to. Clan: Powerclan:)I also have an aprentice talonpaw! and a mate named deathcat. i have a sisters named mosscreek. and a duaghter named spiderprint,and 2 kits named galekitty and falconkit. Personality: sweet,kind,loving,firce,brave,creative,sarcastic,joyful,and funloving.I also never back down on my beliefs. And finally I am the leader of Iceclan inbox me if you want to join. I also play as me as a app.And as a firce Warrior fox WillowBreeze.I don't have her profile details yet.

Mate:deathcat, Sister:mosscreek, Mom:Nile (maybe alive) ,Dad,(uknown) Kits: Galekitty,flacon kit. Daughter:spiderprint,Son:SoaringFlame. Other: three cyote pups as childern. names: leafswirl,cloudcrystle,and protector.







Oakleaf is a golden brown tabby tom with piercing green eyes. He was once a loner named Oak, but was taken in by PowerClan.

Mother: Feather, father: Owl, sister: Blood (dead)



Shineflight is a beautiful black she-cat with striking purple eyes. She is very shy, but she will always fight for her Clan. She wants to have a mate, but he has a bit of touble expressing herself. Will love ever find her?

Sisters: Briarprint, Moonprint, Leafkitty, Skykitty, brother: Stonekit, mother: Blueflower, father: Shorttail



Thunderstrike is a large brown, tall, strong and sleek tomcat with white strikes across his head. He has a really srong tail and very long claws, and isn't afraid to use them for anything. His former mate was Mosscreek. He has a trick up his "sleeve", when in battle. He has many kits and loves them all very much. Thunderstrike's new best friend is Birdscar, who I owe a LOT to. Some call him a mystery, but others find it fascinating. At first, he seems to be quiet and mysterious. Many don't get his humour. Mosscreek was an exception to that. He has very broad shoulders and short whiskers.

Mother: Dovenheart (deceased), father: Grayflight (deceased), sisters: Rabbitsong and Willowfrost, brother: Oakwing, kits: Badgerclaw, Berrywheather, Snowtiger, Flamesight, Nightfury, Panseywalk, Stoneshisper, Fuzzykitty (adopted), and Frost (adopted), crush: Thissletail/Sandbreeze, apprentice: Flamepaw



Willowfrost is an amber she-cat with icy blue eyes. She lives in the same Clan as her brother, Thunderstrike. She used to have a big crush on Craneclaw, but he died at her paws. She did NOT kill him.

Brother: Thunderstrike




Oakwing is a large black tom with a white mark on his side. He lives in the camp with his siblings. He has bright green eyes. He has a great personality and loves to "hang out" with his friends.

Apprentice: Lionpaw




Rabbitsong is a brown she-cat with striking green eyes. She is looking for a mate and she has an OK personality, but if you mess with her, she will bring it back ten times harder.

Crush: Firefly, apprentice: Snowpaw



Dawnfeather is a ginger and white she-cat with blue eyes. She is fierce and brave; she will protect her Clan even at the cost of her life! She was never a Clan cat, she was taken into PowerClan as a kit. She is loyal, she had no memory of her real family. When she was taken in she was four moons old and she was trained as an apprentice two moons later. She had no 'parents' in PowerClan, because she was already able to eat meat. She is haunted by nightmares of a she-cat being killed. Is this cat her mother?

Mother: unknown, father: unknown, sister: Blueflower



Kin:mother unknown(dead?) Father unknown(dead?) Sister in law(blueflower)Brothers(shorttail,tigerbark,mystery)Nephew(briar)

Appearence:white,black,gray, and green eyes

Personality:dark and myterious and friendy


Mosscreek is grey she-cat with blue eyes. she doesn't know much about family.....but she was always a kitteypet where her family lived. if you ask her about her family, she might claw your eyes out!! she never had a good relationship with family when she actually knew them. she has a great personality, but isn't great at the whole friend making deal. she would fight for her clan and friends. mostly for the ones that she love, like Hawkstar. one day she had been walking through a field, and saw a handsom tom (Hawkstar) and was in love!! shortly after, she joined a clan. now she lives happily in the forest.    

Mother: unknown, father: Fuzz, siblingsbrothers: Razzy (dead) and Torn, sisters: Snowy, Rush (dead), daughter: Frost, mate: Thunderstrike


Blueflower (queen):

Blueflower is a quiet blueish-grey she-cat with amber eyes, aiming to be a leader one day, but doubts it will happen. She is 34 moons old and has a mate - Shorttail. She is also strong, fearless, and quick to act. She likes to hear all sides of a story, but will defend her Clan with her life. She is a great hunter and very upset her kits - Lionkit and Purplekit - are dead, but thrilled that her kit - Briarprint - lived. She is also happy to be able to hunt and patrol again. It's hard being cooped up in camp. At this time, she is expecting Shorttail's kits. What she wants more than anything is to care for her Clan.

Mate: Shorttail, mother: Sunstream, father, Patchheart (dead), brother: Tantail, sister: Woodheart (dead) and Dawnfeather, kits: Lionkit, Purplekit (both died minutes after birth) and Briarprint (who is still alive), Moonprint, Leafmist, Stonekit, Skykitty, apprentice: Shoreprint



Shorttail is a tom with gray and black stripes. He was born as a kittypet with loner blood as well. By the time he was two moons old, both parents were loners. PowerClan took him in. He has a fierce glare, and is strong, enthusiastic, kind and generous. Shorttail is also fast, smooth and sensitive. His goal is to become a great warrior or Medicine Cat, or hopefully the Clan leader someday. Can't wait to have kits! He is sweet and loyal, friends with cats from all Clans, but not afraid to fight for his Clan.

Mother: unknown (probably dead), Father: unknown (probably dead), brother: Tigerbark (medicine cat for BarkClan), sisters: unknown (probably dead), mate: Blueflower


Willowbreeze is a slender she-cat with pale blue-green eyes. She's one of the most prettiest she-cat on earth. She is nice, a bit shy, strong, and a great hunter. She learns fast and she's a wonderful choice for a mate. She's very proud of her adopted mother, Amberstar, and vows to live up to her someday.

MotherMoon, father is unknown, step-motherAmberstarstep-fatherBrambleblaze, she knows she has siblings, but doesn't known their names, yet. Crush: Lightningcrash 

Lightningcrash: Tom

Lightningcrash is a black tom with a lightning bolt down his face from his forehead to down between his eyes. He has blue eyes. He's a fierce cat who'll protect his clan in a flash (of lightning) and he's very determined; you can count on him to get any task done. He really believes in the Clan Code. He is also a fast runner and a very good hunter. He has a strong muscular build, but doesn't like to fight for no reason. He is a great swimmer even if he is in Powerclan. He thinks he has two sisters somewhere. He wishes to be a great warrior, deputy and then leader someday.

Father: Blackstripe (from another "clan") Mother: Mossshadow (from another "clan") Brother: Brambleblaze Crush: Willowbreeze


Moonsong:  She~cat

Moonsong is a small pale pale gray she-cat with only one eye that is brown. Her other eye was torn out by a wolf (Who she very brutally killed in revenge). She is normally very kind, but she is determined and fierce at the same time. She is very loyal and outgoing, and not afraid to stand up against a cat of higher rank. She may look like a soft kittypet, but most cats who mock and tease her leave with scars. Moonsong is very conscious of her looks, mostly because of her missing eye but also because she has scars that cover her entire body. She is a warrior of PowerClan and will never leave the clan that she calls home. Her fighting skills are amazing, and she hopes to become leader one day. She doesn't have any major goals beside that, but she would like a mate and kits. 

(pic. doesnt work) 

Mistysky: She~cat

Mistysky trys to fit in. She sometimes is left out of things, isn't really picked for patrols or for an appentice. Some think she is inmature but really she is.

Family: Unknown Apprentice: Webpaw


Flickerpelt: She~cat

Flickerpelt is a beautiful slim tortoiseshell she-cat with gentle yellow eyes. This cat is gentle and soft, and does not like fighting at all. Her soft spot is kits, but she'll stick to the Clan Code with her life.

All her family is dead and she does not like to talk about it

Blacktail: Tom

Blacktail is a fire-coloured tom, who used to be called Burn. He has a black tail and green eyes, and a fierce attitude. He has a very shallow sense of love and doesn't want a mate. His goal is to become deputy.

Siblings: Sinkfoot, Sundapple, Midnightsun and Boo

(no picture yet)

Wolfheart (currently queen) (On Journey): She~cat

Wolfheart is a fluffy black she-cat with deep green eyes, and has a white wolf-shaped patch, running from in between her front legs to under her head. She is fearless and courageous, brave, determined, strong, fast, a quick learner/learns from her misakes, strong-willed and a great fighter. She will lay down her life for a friend and/or her Clan. She's also a quick thinker, sometimes even too fast, but always with good intentions. Even though she stepped down from her rank as deputy, she will always protect her Clan from all danger as if she was still occupying that role.

Origin: She was found in the woods, still a kit, on PowerClan territory; she was adopted and still doesn't know who her parents are. Basically, has no relatives apart from her sister: Amberstar. Mate: Flameclaw, kits: Ivykitty and Hawkkit

Blueeyes: Tom

Blueeyes is a white tom with lovely blue-green eyes (he isn't blind). He has had a hard life, but wants to put that behind him and make a new life in PowerClan. He would like a kind, generous, loyal and loving mate. Though he knows he may no be accepted, he will do his best at protecting his Clan and his Clanmates. He knows how to fight and is a very great hunter. He is grateful he found Nightsong to be his mate and is glad he is accepted. Also, he originated from a place where no one must go, and he had different names: Bluey, Snow, Killer and Blueeyes.

He'd rather not talk about his family, but if anyone must know, they are all dead. Mate: Nightsong Kits: Nightkitty and Coldkit Apprentice: Whiteprint

Moonpelt: Tom

Moonpelt is a handsome white tom with black markings and brown-green eyes. He is the youngest brother of Flameclaw and Wolfcreek, though they all suspect there are more. He's been roaming the territories and in WaterClan he saw Iceheart. He realized she likes Flameclaw, but now that Flameclaw has a mate, he hopes she'll like him, too. He was never a talking bundle, but more relaxed. He hopes to one day adopt a kit and also have at least two apprentices.

Father: Basileye (deceased), mother: Mintpelt (deceased), siblings: Wolfcreek and Flameclaw (maybe more), mate: Iceheart (WaterClan)

Brambleblaze: Tom

Brambleblaze is a dark brown tom with black sripes and green eyes. He is kind and thoughtful of others. He really wants a sweet mate, who will always be loyal to him. He will bring out claws if needed, but he prefers not to use them. But don't get him wrong, he is a fierce warrior, and loyal to PowerClan. His goals are to have a mate, raise a family, and become deputy some day.

His family consists of "Clan" cats (kittypets that left their owners and joined together, because they were afraid of the forest; they belong to a completely different, faraway Clan). Father: Blackstripe (from another "Clan", mother: Mossshadow (from another "Clan"), brother: Lightningpaw, mate: Amberstar, step-daughter: Willowprint, apprentice: Moonprint

Wolfcreek: Tom

Wolfcreek is a handsome grey tom with green eyes. New to PowerClan, he wants to be the best warrior there can be. Ever since being lost in the woods, he has been a little jitterish and is looking for a sweet mate to calm him. His soft and humble personality can fool you, but he can bite, and living around bad rogues let him practise. His fighting and hunting skills are wonderful, but his social skills weren't very good until his mother adopted more kittens and he wasn't alone. Afraid of losing his brother again and maybe forever, he gets very close to others. As a kit, he was lost in the dead of winter/leaf-bare. Picked up by an eagle, he was dropped into a creek. A loner picked him out, she renamed him from Sootkit to Wolfkit. Being from a Clan herself, Sunny trained him as Wolfpaw and gave him his warrior name Wolfcreek. He's brave, proud, sweet, can be very jitterish, caring, fierce, and loyal. His goals are: to stay with his brother, mate and sanity till the end; to be the best warrior he can be; to have a family and a peaceful life. He's always thinking about more!

Father: Basileye (deceased), mother: Mintpelt (deceased)step-mother: Sunnystep/adopted silbingsHail, Minnow, Grass, Snow, brothers: MoonpeltFlameclaw, mate: Flowerfoot, kits: Briarkit, Powderkit, Sandkitty

Mossface: She~cat

Mossface is a blue-grey tabby she-cat with moss-green eyes. She's excellent at battle skills, fair-minded and loyal, because her brothers: Flamepool and Darkheart were killed by a _____Clan raid (she will not mention that Clan). She hopes to have a mate and kits, and become the futur deputy, then leader.

Mother: Shiningspirit (deceased), father: Galewind (deceased), siblings: Flamepool (deceased), Darkheart (deceased), Swiftface, Hawkpath and Brambleface 

Clawfire: She~cat

Clawfire is a long-furred brown tabby she-cat with greyish stripes here and there, and beautiful green eyes. She is loyal, kind-hearted, a bit shy at times, a skillful hunter and fighter, respectful, lovable and energetic. She has two kits from MoonClan: Icestar and Rockface; they both know she's their mother. Her mate died a moon after she ran away from MoonClan to live with him in PowerClan (he got pushed into the river by and rival Clan cat and drowned).


Former mate: Whiteclaw (SkyClan), kits: Icestar and Rockface (MoonClan, their father was Whiteclaw)


Flowerfoot (currently queen): She~cat

Flowerfoot is a dusky brown she-cat (with a really dark brown mask) with lovely pale blue eyes and short fur. She is smart, intelligent, loyal, brave, strong, humorous (loud), and respectful to older cats. She knows a lot about herbs, but doesn't want to be a medicine cat, because a life as a warrior is much more thrilling, what with all the hunting, fighting, etc. She's also a very, very good hunter and brings back home lots of prey! She would die for her Clan.

Mother: Leopardstar (SkyClan; formerly in MoonClan), brothers (from an older litter): Dragonbreath (EarthClan; he is vaguely aware that they're related) and Rainfeather (MoonClan). Mate: Wolfcreek, kits: Sandkitty, Briarkit and Powderkit






Coat color- she has no hair, but she has a black skin with few light spots. she has blue eyes ( shes a sphinx cat) 
Personality-She talks back and loves to get in trouble when ever she can. she will go mute on random sometimes and she glares at every cat she hates



Coat-A beautiful silver maine coon cat. With green eyes. Personality-A sweet she-cat. She is soft on her paws. She is elegant and gentle. She is very lovable and pretty. She likes a tom called Sagepaw. She has a feathery tail. She has a heart of gold. She is very understanding and honest. She is shy when you first meet her but will always be their for you and will be your best friend for life.



 Moons: 3 Desccription/Personality: Roseprint is a dark brown cat with REALLY BRIGHT green eyes. she doesn't no were she's from all she knows is her family is dead an she was left alone a patch of roses...thats how she got her name Family: mother: (dead). Father: (dead) Sibilings: (dead) Crush.Mates: none Mentor:Clawfire


GingerPrint is wild at heart.. the first moment you lay an eye on her you'll be tooken back at how well she can jump an hunt for not even being a apprentice.. GingerPrint was once a loner with her mother an father an her 4 sisters an 2 brothers. GingerPrint showed up in powerclan because rogues killed her family. sparing her life they told herto do what her destiny for told what was gunna happen.. they other reason they saved is because all her brothers an sisters had loner names while she had a clan name. she doesnt no what her destiny is all they told her to do was stay at powerclan an once your old enough you'll see what we mean. she was confused because they didnt tell her what to do all they did was drop her off at powerclan. right after they killed her family.


PuddlePrint,I love the rain!!! I was adopted by Sorrel,And Falcon.My life is perfect! I love how every thing is so easy for a kit! I'm adopted from a diffrent clan.But From witch I don't now.I can speak perfectly fine,twalking wike a bwaby mwakes mwe want two pwunch meself.And it annoys the crap out of me


I am Mooseprint. i am SilverStars only she-kit. i am fun loving, and sweet. i always stick up for my brothers. mostly MothKit.i love being round others. i am very curious and get in pplz business sometimes. i also love working with herbs.
Description- dark ginger she-kit. i look VERY much like my half father, oakleaf. hes awsum! i also have huge indigo eyes. family: Mother: SilverStar Father: Unkown Half Father: Oakleaf Brothers: MothPaw, DeathPaw, and BreezePaw. Sisters: none yet Best Friend:PuddlePrint Crush: Bramble 


Snakepaw is a dark grey tabby tom with blue eyes. He is a very fast runner with a speed and swiftness compared to a snake's. He can be snappy and short-tempered, but is a great fighter.

Mother: unknown, father: unknown, brother: Lionpaw, sister: unknown



Lionpaw is a ginger tom, who hopes to be a warrior some day soon. He loves to hunt and train.

Crush/mate: Shoreprint, mentor: Oakwing



Snowpaw is a snow white tom with amber eyes. He is also kin to Thunderstrike and Mosscreek. He has inherited the same trick that his father has.

Mentor: Rabbitsong



Flamepaw is a smoky-orange tom with bright green eyes. He is the son of Mosscreek and Thunderstrike. He was taken to PowerClan shortly after he was born. He has never met his mother, along with Snowpaw and Badgerpaw. He can also use the same trick that his father was born with.

Father: Thunderstrike, mother: Mosscreek



Moonprint has a brownpelt with black stripes and brown eyes, just like her father. She wishes she could see her father more, because he's always out of camp! She is energetic and spunky.

Mother: Blueflower, father: Shorttail, sister: Briarprint, mentor: Brambleblaze



Briarprint is a female kit, who doesn't know of her whole family and was an only child. She is a small silvery kittern, like Bluestar. Her eyes are as blue as the sky and she wishes to learn more about Clan cats. She might want a mate someday and be a queen, but that starts if she gets pulled into the Clans at all.

Mother: Blueflower, mentor: Amberstar



Thin dusty brown tabby she cat. She was once a loner but became tired of that life and choose to live in the ways of a clan cat. She really dosen't have any goals in her life she just wants to her best to become a normal clan cat, But she hopes that her time as a loner will be forgotten.


Darkpaw is black with green eyes. His sister is Soulprint(Earthclan) they were seperated as kits an one day found each other much later only they were separated once again. No other siblings.

Petalprint: She~cat

Petalprint is white with brown patches that are tabby striped black. Petalprint was raised in france where her mom got gravely sick and died. She roamed around for a while and then went to Earthclan where she stayed for a few moons. Then her friend went missing so she went to look for her where she found herself in powerclan, lost. She decided to stay there.

Cross: She~wolf 

Coss is a wolf pup but she loves this clan and will protect it with her life. Shes way larger then a cat but she would never hurt one on purpose. She is white with black ears, front legs, and tail and red eyes. Shes not so great with cat but shes learning. Her teeth are sharp and will harm anyone who tries to harm her cat 'family.'

Crush: Hawkpaw

Ivyprint: She~cat

Ivykitty is a pale orange she-cat with ivy green eyes. Her chest is whitish and she has always been larger for her age. She has always been close to her brother Hawkpaw and hates when he pulls away from her. She often ends of getting hurt and can be coldhearted. She's very quiet but not shy, lonely but not alone. She doesn't want to loose her brother but knows he wants to let go of her. This fact hurts her and she hates seeing him with other cats (and wolves), specifically of the female variety.

Mother: Wolfheart Father: Flameclaw Brother: Hawkpa

Hawkpaw: Tom

Hawkpaw is a brown tom with black stripes and light, almost ice like, blue eyes. The reason he was named was because on his back the brown stripes looks like a hawk's talons dug into his back, basically scars like that of a hawk attack. He is a different cat ever since his mother left for the journey, and then his father hardly seems to care about him or check up on him. He cares deeply about his sister, and also about Cross. His sister is almost the only cat that has actually shown interest in being around him. He never wants to leave her side, though at times he thinks that he is hurting her deep down. He was down in the mudhole a lot, with the clan not seeming to get along at all in his generation. That is until Cross came. She was hurt and afraid, but yet again so was he in a way. Over the moons the two have bonded. All three of them were in the medicine den for a while, all at the same time, but all were made apprentices at the same time.

Family: Mother: Wolfheart Father: Flameclaw Sister: Ivypaw Crush: Cross


Coldpaw: Tom

Coldpaw is a stunning white tom like his father but with grey on the tips of his fur. He doesn't really care about most and will keep to himself. He is sometimes distant and his sister worries about him. He doesn't play or speak much but when you really get to know him he never stops talking. He recently went into a depression when his sister left, but now is overjoyed and a happy cat once again because she is back to stay.

Mother: Nightsong Father: Blueeyes Sister: Night/Nightprint

Whiteprint: She~Cat

Whiteprint is a white she-cat who is speckled with ginger flecks. Her one blue and one green eye show off her sweet, caring, lovable personality. Someday, like most she-cats, she hopes to be a mother and perhaps deputy but knows she has to gain her clans trust to get there.

Mentor: Vipertooth 



Fawnprint: She~cat

Fawnprint is a completely back she-cat with white paws. She is sweet, funny, cute and kind. Like most she cats she also want to have a mate and kits someday.


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Webpaw is a huge black and white tom and is very handsome. When he was little a fox killed all of his sibilings but one. The fox grabbed him, but he fought back, from this day on he has a terrible scar on his ear beacause of the fox biting it. Webpaw can be very shy often and he loves to look out for his brother, Littlepaw. Webpaw is one of the best cats when it comes to listening and learning. He wishes to be a warrior someday.

Family: Brother: Littlepaw Mentor: Mistysky

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Littlepaw is a black tom with Hazel eyes. Littlepaw was the runt of the litter but one day a fox got into the nursery and got his three other sibilings, but one other, the fox didn't see him because he was so small and he couldn't see him. Littlepaw is very fast and cn outrun and cat or prey. Don't tease Littlepaw for being small or you will end up in the Medicine cat's den. He loves to hunt and is a fast learner. He may get a bit crabby sometimes, but he is full of kindness. Webpaw is the only other cat who knows about what happen to their other littermates. His main gol is to be  very powerful warrior.  

Family: Brother: Webpaw  Mentor: Amberstar

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Secretpaw is a brown tabby tom with black stripes and leaf green eyes. He is very secretive. He doesn't talk about his past so he mainly don't know were he came from. 

Crush: Spottedprint (Earthclan/ forbidden)


Bladepaw is a black tom with keen amber eyes. He seems to know Bladeshadow from passing rogues and loners, who tell him he was smaller than they remember. He does not know what this means. He hopes to be the best warrior he can be and wants to figure out what this "Bladeshadow" stuff means.

Sister: Echosong (MoonClan)


Thunderprint is a ginger coloured she-cat with blueish coloured eyes. She is a great hunter, who promises to train her hardest at all times. She also promises to be loyal to PowerClan and be a fierce fighter when needed. She is also kind, generous, and VERY loving. When she's older, she would really like a mate and kits of her own. She wants to be the best warrior PowerClan has ever had!

Has no relatives. Crush: Howlingnight



Mate-Badgerclaw Coat color-A creamy she-cat with white and pretty blue eyes 
Personality-A trust-worthy cat.She is loving and lovable.She gives good advice and alomst always puts others first. She loves her mate with all her heart and is so happy to be having kits with him. She is a very pretty cat. She is friendly and gentle. She is kind and soft.



Blueflower is a quiet blueish-gray she-cat with amber eyes. She is also strong, fearless, and quick to act. She likes to hear all sides of a story, but will defend her Clan with her life. She is also a great hunter. At this time, she is pregnant with Shorttail's kits.

Mate: Shorttail, kits: Briarprint, Moonkitty, Leafkitty, mother: dead, father: dead, sister: Dawnfeather, apprentice: Shoreprint

Wolfheart (On Journey):

Wolfheart is a fluffy black she-cat with deep green eyes, and has a white wolf-shaped patch, running from in between her front legs to under her head. She is fearless and couregeous, brave, determined, strong, fast, a quick learner/learns from her mistakes, strong-willed and a great fighter. She will lay down her life for a friend and/or her Clan. She's also a quick thinker, sometimes even too fast, but always with good intentions. Even though she stepped down from her rank as deputy, she will always protect her Clan from all danger as if she was still occupying that role.

Origin: She as found in the woods, still a kit, on PowerClan territory; she was adapted and still doesn't know who her parents are. Basically, has no relatives, apart from her sister: Amberstar. Mate: Flameclaw, kits: Ivyprint and Hawkpaw


Flowerfoot is a dusky brown she-cat (with a really dark brown mask) with lovely pale blue eyes and short fur. She is smart, intelligent, loyal, brave, strong, humorous (loud), and respectful to older cats. She knows a lot about herbs, but doesn't want to be a medicine cat, because a life as a warrior is much more thrilling, what with all the hunting, fighting, etc. She's also a very, very good hunter and brings back home lots of prey! She would die for her Clan.

Mother: Leopardstar (SkyClan; formerly in MoonClan), brother (from an older litter): Dragonbreath (EarthClan; he is vaguely aware that they're related). Mate: Wolfcreek, kits: Sandkitty, Briarkit and Powderkit



is a ginger and white she-kit with a white chest and paws she has blue eyes and is scared easily and shy 


is a ginger and with striped tom with blue eyes like his sister,he is protective of Hazelkitty and is entergetic and careless at times.


 Kin: Mother-Shorebreeze Dad-Stonedust Siblings-Blackit,Hollykitty,Endlesskitty,Whitekitty,Tinykitty 

Coat color- A greyish brown tabby tom with soft blue eyes. 
Personality- A nice,kind tom.He is happy and active.He loves play-fighting and wrestling.He loves his dad and other family.He can't wait to be a warrior.Like most kits he wants to be leader.



 Kin: Mom-Shorebreeze Dad-Stonedust Siblings-Blackit,Tinykitty,Endlesskitty,Whitekitty and Skykit 

Coat color- A fluffy grey and white she-kit with blue eyes. Persoanlity-A active and sweet she-kit.She is loving and gentle.She is bubbly and very friendly.She likes hanging out with her brothers and dad.She wants to be a great warrior and can't wait till she gets apprenticed.



Kin: Mother-Shorebreeze Father-Stonedust Siblings-Blackit,Whitekitty,Endlesskitty,Skykit and Hollykitty 
Coat color-A tiny white she-kit with brown spots and grey eyes. 

Personality-A shy and sweet she-kit.She loves her mom the most.She wants to stay little forever.She loves butterflies.She trusts her daddy lots.She loves snuggling.She likes chasing butterflies and moss balls.She is sweet and gentle. 



 Coat color-A soft furred she-kit that has ginger fur and brown stripes she has pretty orangish-amber eyes. Kin: Mother-Crookedjaw Father-Ravenscreech Sisters-Blossomkitty and Ravenkitty Brothers-Starkit and Sunkit Personality-She is pretty and smart.She has energy.She loves chasing butterflies.She likes to play fight too. She is kind and not as shy as Ravenkitty.She loves her sisters.She thinks her brothers are weird. She doesn't have a crush yet. She is sweet and easy-to-love.



 Coat color- A cute black she-kit with pale yellow eyes. Kin: Father-Ravenscreech Mother-Crookedjaw Sisters-Blossomkitty and Glowkitty Brothers-Starkit and Sunkit Personality-A sweet she-kit.She is lithe and small.She looks alot like her daddy.She loves her siblings. She can't wait to be apprenticed but will miss sleeping by her mommy each night. She likes chasing moss balls.She is a bit of a girly-girl and a bit tom-boy.She is kind and sometimes shy.She has energy.She likes staying up late with her mom.



She is very adventurous,and skillful.She learns very quickly,and will achieve anything. She gets into a lot of mischief,and loves hiding like her father.  She absoloutly loves her brother Blackkit,he's her favorite cat. She can tell him anything.

 Mother: Shorebreeze Father: Stonedust Sisters:Tinykitty,Hollykitty,and Whitekitty Brothers: Skykit,and Blackkit



He is very outgoing and handome,just like his father. All the she-cats want him,but he's always looking for that special one. He wants to find love one day thats as beautiful as his mothers and fathers. he is very athletic,and strong,he's lean and swift. he'll catch on anything you teach him. He likes to fight and finds it in his blood to never back down.

 Mother: Shorebreeze Father: Stonedust Sisters:Tinykitty,Endlesskitty,Hollykitty,and Whitekitty Brothers: Skykit



She is a fluffy,all white she-cat with sparkling green eyes. She has a faded brown face with a tail tip of brown. She is very quiet and solemn but when you get to know her it seem she never shuts up.She loves to climb trees,she finds it stress relieving.Her favorite person in the whole wide world is her mother. She feels she can tell her anything.

Mother: Shorebreeze Father: Stonedust Sisters:Tinykitty,Endlesskitty,Hollykitty Brothers: Skykit,and Blackkit



She is a wonderful hunter and fighter but hardly every talks so others think shes mute, which she is sometimes made fun of. Her brother Adderkit, seems to be the only one to know her feelings by her actions.




He is and brave and polite kit with astonishing yellow eyes. He is about average size for his age and has skill in battle strategy. Adderkit is lean and very quick on his feet.

(pic wont work srry) Sister: Silentkitty



Leafkitty used to be Leaf (or Leafstar). She attacked a badger after her mate, Craneclaw, passed on. I was reborn to Blueflower and Shorttail. My sisters are Briarprint and Moonkitty; my best friends are Mosscreek, Dawnfeather, Clawfire, Oakwing, and Shoreprint. She have a crush on Oakwing. Tigerstar had taken over her and tried to make her kill all of her friends. Sweetwing, a dead SkyClan cat, saved her. Everytime she sees something wrong, a flashback of Tigerstar appears. It makes it worse, and she doesn't know how to fix it: a medicine cat needs to help her. She is of a grey colouring with dark eyes and narrow black stripes all over her sleek body.

Mother: Blueflower, father: Shorttail, sisters: Briarkit and Moonkitty, crush: Oakwing


Ex-Gingerkitty, Now Ginger (Rouge):

Gingerkitty is a young ginger tabby she-cat with mysterious and cute blue eyes. Gingerkitty is wise, sweet, brave, aggressive, brave, determined, sharp tongued, and quiet at times. She’s never really been close to anybody and the few times she has they’ve broken her heart. She loves to hunt and practice fighting and is fast though is working on her strength. Ever since the “accident” she’s had dreams that tell prophecies and she is the only one that knows about the dark road Hawkkit can take if he.... Well you don’t need to know... yet. She wants Sandkitty to understand her loss but she’s still figuring out how to explain the whole "I’m your cousin and you ruined most of my life!" thing. No matter who you are you can’t help but be stunned by her adorable looks and fun personality that hold a crushed little kitten inside.

 Mother: Mosscreek (Dead), Father: Inkheart (Dead). Sibilings: Basilkit, Mintkitty (Both Dead). Cousin/Girl: (From Wolfcreek) ex-Sandkitty now Sand ((Rogue)), (From Flameclaw) Ivykitty, (From Moonpelt) Frostkitty. Cousin/Boy: (From Wolfcreek) Powderkit and Briarkit, (From Flameclaw) Hawkkit. Uncles: Flameclaw, Wolfcreek and Moonpelt (Her parents and siblings are dead because of the "accident" that Sandkitty caused)

Goals: To find a Mate and find out more about the "Accident" that Sand caused.


Ex-Sandkitty, Now Sand (Rogue):

Sand has smooth fur and is a ginger she-cat with a white pelt and grey eyes. She loves to play-fight with her silbings and other kits. She adores the warriors and hopes to one day grow up and become one of them, proud and successful. She has a great ambition to hunt and be the best at that. Her coordination is a little bit off, but that doesn't side her out of games, for she is the top of the group, always in front of everyone! Sandkitty likes to follow and copy her father in every possible way, and not forgetting her mother, she always brings her clean moss from the medicine cat's den and then listens to stories from the elders. As many kits do, she likes to wander around in the medicine cat's den. However, not to trip and roll something over, but to learn the different smells of herbs and their origins. Her loyalties are divided between being a medicine cat or a warrior. She knows PowerClan lacks of strong, healthy warriors, and that they need her, but nevertheless, she can't help her intuition that attracts her to medicine cat related things and leads her to think she must be going crazy. This cat can never get mad. She's very kind, loving and also, funnily enough, really theatrical and talented in that sort of area. She can easily fool an enemy in a fight or with words and a twinkle of the eye and, all in all, she's a wonderful cat, one, that the Clan needs and treasures well.

Mother: Flowerfoot, father: Wolfcreek, siblings: Powderkit, Briarkit





Losteyes is a calico she-cat. She is an elder, but young enough to still be a warrior. When she was just a young warrior a fox leaped at her eyes and clawed them. The outside of her eyes look fine, but the inside is still damaged and will never heal. She can still have a mate, but she is afraid nobody will want her.

Mother: unknown, father: unknown, sister: Echoshine (dead)


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