Warriors Roaming The Forest

Test your abilities to your limits!

Clan Territories and Hunting Patrols

This is where the hunting patrols go ahead, where rival Clans can try to occupy each other's territories, where they can fight, where medicine cats can gather herbs, where mentors can teach their apprentices to hunt, where forbidden loves can meet and, lastly, where the warrior cats can lie down in the sun and enjoy themselves.

If you find kittypets on your territory, don't hesitate to drive them out! Also, beware of badgers, foxes, and other animals that can cause harm. Report back to your leader if anything goes wrong. :)


PowerClan territory

Prey to hunt: mice, thrushes, rabbits (though they are rare), voles, squirrels, sparrows, and other birds.

Large clearing




Stream,this is also were a secret smaller clan lives called CreekClan.


Forest close to the river


Forest close to the camp


Huge Oak Tree (beware of the big spiders crawling all over the bark!)


FireClan territory

Prey to hunt: voles, rabbits, mice, fish (though they are rare), squirrels, and small birds.

Round clearing




Stream flowing into a pond


Sunbathing Meadow


Forest close to the camp


Huddle of Pine Trees


EarthClan territory

Prey to hunt: voles, rabbits, fish, birds, mice (though they are rare), frogs (oh, yes, they love frogs!), and snakes.

Clearing, close to a horse farm, with a small pond, coming from the stream




Sunshine Rocks (good place to catch snakes)


Pine Gathering (a group of pine trees, where there are always a lot fo birds and sometimes even mice)


Small meadow


Forest close to the camp


AirClan territory

Prey to hunt: fish, voles, rabbits, mice, and thrushes (though they are very rare).







Gurgling Stones (by the stream)


Forest close to the camp


Forest close to the river


WaterClan territory

Prey to hunt: voles, fish, sparrows and thrushes (though they are rare), starlings, ravens, frogs and snakes, rabbits, and squirrels (if they're lucky!).

Prey Clearing (there' always a lot of prey here)


River Tree (there are usually some snakes here, so watch out!)




Raven Rocks (even in winter, there are many ravens here to keep the Clan from starving)


Forest close to the river


Forest close to the camp


MoonClan territory

Prey to hunt: mice, voles (though they are rare), rabbits, fish (only in summer and spring), squirrels, and most birds.

Big round clearing (for sunbathing! :D)






Tumble of Rocks (easy to catch prey here; all sorts)


Forest close to the camp


Forest close to the river


Cat joke of the week

This week's cat joke:

Q: How do you know when your cat has been using your computer?

A: When your mouse has teeth marks on it!


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New members:  

Clan Code

Read the Clan Code thoroughly and make sure you follow all the rules in it!

I will not tolerate people, who ignore to follow my few simple rules, some of which you've probably already seen on other websites like mine. So, please, read it, memorise it and follow it!

◦Do NOT steal prey from other Clans' territories.

◦Elders and queens must be fed first.

◦Clan cats should defend their Clan even at the cost of their lives.

◦A leader gets nine lives when he/she goes to the Sky Stone and spends a night there.

◦Clan cats must NEVER fight on the night of the full moon.

◦The command of a leader should be obeyed immediately.

◦As soon as the Clan's deputy dies, a new one should be chosen.

◦Medicine cats should go to the Sky Stone every half moon to share dreams with SkyClan.

◦Warriors may not have mates from other Clans.

◦A kit may become an apprentice only when he is six moons old.

◦If a kit is hurt - and no matter what Clan he/she is from - any cat who can see him should help.

◦Every full moon there is a Peaceful Meeting, which EVERY Clan should attend.

◦If a rival Clan's patrol or a rogue trespasses on your territory, you have permission to attack them. Although, if you are badly outnumbered, you should let them go, warning them to be careful with their actions next time, or...BATTLE!

◦A cat can only become a leader after 6 moons for serving his Clan loyally and truthfully.

◦Only a WARRIOR CAT can become a deputy or leader (no humans, no foxes; exceptions can be made for former kittypets or rogues or loners)

◦Clan needs to support their leader if what he/she does, but they do have the right to rebel as a group if they are unhappy with their leader's actions - if these actions are unrightful, of course.

◦Patrols should have at LEAST three cats, preferably three warriors and one apprentice (full patrol). 

Please acknowledge these rules and try not to break them! Amends are hard to be made after a certain rule has been broken, so think of the consequences before doing something you know you would later regret.