Warriors Roaming The Forest

Test your abilities to your limits!

Welcome to the AirclanClan camp

The AirClan territory is the avage size of any clans. Nevertheless, they do not lack in the number of cats. Every one of these warriors deserves the first pick from the fresh-kill pile and much more than that, I can assure you. In addition, these brave and loyal cats are very fast runners and high jumpers. Therefore, most of the prey they catch consists of birds. For them it is the easiest possible prey to catch.

The AirClan cats' pelts are always sleek and glossy from a thorough grooming. To me, they are the most attractive cats in the whole forest.


New Air Clan members

News: Winter and Ice will form together and cause a Whirl of Wind to blow. At the break of dawn Half of a Thistle will bloom. A Cloud will cover the sky as a new Poppy blooms. A Fallen warrior will stand out at Midnight and a Flashing Star will show all is done and all is well again-Flashstar

Hello My name is Thunderclaw and Icestar has requested that im editor of this clan too so if need added just post on my profile and follow the steps. 


Cat Of The Month: March


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 New warriors: Lostface

New mentors: Snowfleck>Midnightpaw,Cherrymoon > Mistyprint, Whirlwind>Stormpaw, Panthergaze>Tornadopaw and Casadasong> Runningprint

New apprentices: Freckleprint

New kits: Narrowkitty

Camp clearing

This is where the AirClan cats meet after a long day of hard work to share prey together and chat about life.


Leader's den

Here, the leader can have private meetings with the deputy and senior warriors to discuss several issues and make decisions. The leader can also plan warrior and other ceremonies here. If you want to be a mentor, for example, come here and ask your leader to make you into one.


Medicine cat's den

Here, the medicine cat and his/her apprentice will care for the sick cats and sort out herbs inside the den. Next to the den, there is a small tree with overhanging branches, that shelter a small patch of grass, where the medicine cats can sleep on warm nights or where they can make nests for their ill Clanmates. Also, there is little clear blue puddle behind the den, where they can soak moss.


Warriors' den

In here, the warriors will sleep at night and in the hottest time of the day. The den is very well sheltered and big enough to fit a whole army of cats inside it.


Apprentices' den

Over here, the young apprentices can gossip about the warriors and grouch about the grumpy elders, and, of course, sleep to be restful for the next day.



The nursery is where the she-cats, who are expecting kits, will be staying. Queens need to live in the nursery, caring for their kits, until the kits are old enough to become apprentices. Then, the mothers can go back to carrying out their warrior duties and sleeping in the warriors' den.


Elders' den

Here, the Clan's elders an relax and subathe, as well as sleep at night. Be sure that they'll grouch and groan whenever an apprentice comes to clean out their bedding and check their pelt for ticks!




20 moons Kin:Sisters-Lilyprint and Creamspark Brother-Jet Nieces-Ivykitty and Hazykitty Nephews-Blazingkit and Dustkit Brother-in-laws-Stoneflame(Creamspark's mate) Mate-No one yet Crush-No one Descripition-He is smart and a great tracker.He is fast and fun.He is kind,gentle loving and caring.It takes alot to make him mad.He is easy-going.He will care for his clan forever even when in Skyclan(That is a long time) Hopes/goals-To be a father and have a mate. Lives:9 Apprentice: ForestPrint



Description: Blizzardpelt is a a young, beautiful pure-white she-cat with a black ringed tail and ice blue eyes. She is kind and easy to get along with unless she's angered.Family: Mother- UnknownFather: Unknown Brothers: Stormblaze and WolfMate: Flashstar

P.S. My brother and I either play Blizzardpelt or Stormblaze Apprentice:

Medicine cat and medicine cat apprentice


A small silver she-cat with light gray paws. The tip of her tail is white as well as her chin. Echomist has light black streaks and markings on her pelt. She has stunning lavender eyes and that will be the first thing you notice about her. She is 12 moons old. Echomist was abandoned by her mother in a blizzard because her mother thought of her as bad luck with lavender colored eyes. She knew alot about herbs when she was just a kit. Her mentor was Willowbark. She is the recarnation of Ayame.



 Moons-6Description- Smart and good at memorizing things. Is usally very level headed and optomistic. Pure white tom other than small orange flecks on his fur. 

Hopes- Wants to help his Clan as best he can. 
Siblings-Mother:Blizzardpelt Dad:Flashstar Siblings-None





 Hopes/goals-A loving tom will love her. To have kits. Coat- A beautiful brown and white she-cat. She has only one eye and it is a very pretty blue color. Personality-She is tough at heart.Her heart is made of gold.She is very soft and kind. She may not seem to care if you hurt her but really it hurts her heart alot. She likes kits.She knows her one eye might scare kits but she knows when she has her own they will grow used to her one eye. (If a tom loves her) She is patient.She is a very fast runner and excellent fighter and hunter. She has a horrible past but doesn't let that stop her.



Moons: 13  
Discription:He is a ginger colored tom with blue eyes Personality:He is brave and modest but can be a bit bossy at times. He is born to lead, take sitiwations into his own paws and is young, wise and has a heart of gold.He is often dazed by the thoughts of his past. 
Goals/Dreams:Hopes to acheve the goal to lead his clan and be a happy father Kin- Daughter-MistyPrint Son-midnightpaw Apprentice:


SweepTail: SweepTail got his name from his large fluffy tail.It was once said that he nocked out a kit by accident from trashing his tail in excitement.He loves to hunt all together and stives for peace.Some call him a hippie for acuseing past leader of taking in to much food,threating to wipe out the species.Many think he is crazy,but yet he is still loyal.Apprentice:

CasadaSong: CasadaSong is very sweet and gentle.She loves to care for kits and wishes everday that she could be a queen somday.She loves to hunt shrews and sleep on rocks.Apprentice: Runningprint

 TwilightSun: TwilghtSun is a very smart,cunning and sarcastic cat.He like to tease kits and tell them made-up stories to get them to belive they will be the best warriors or even be a leader somday.Although it's a whole nother story when it comes to talking with other warriors.He like to play around with friends,hunt,joke, and somtime share a good wrestling fight.Apprentice:

CherryMoon: CherryMoon is sweet,tender,loving and quick tounged.She has a huge crush on the leader and dispise his mate for that.She loves cherry blossoms and would rather eat berries that meat,as her brother SweepTail many think she is insane,but few understand.Apprentice: Mistyprint



Coat-A large black tom with mysterious blue eyes.
Personality-A dark tom. He can be mean and grochy but always means no harm. He is a very great fighter and hunter. He is very hard to beat in battle. He isn't the fastest tom around because of his large frame. He is snarly sometimes. But he wants a good mate and a loyal one too. Apprentice:FirPaw



Coat-A gorgeus ginger and white she-cat with pale green eyes.
Personality-A swift she-cat. She can be moody at times. She is elegant and a great hunter and excellent fighter. She can run very fast. She can hide very well. She is very kind at heart and gentle. She would never harm her clan but when it comes in battle she can get very nasty. Apprentice: Stormpaw



Crush: sunshine
personality:a strong an fast runner but has broad shoulders. hes an exellent fighter and is ready to serv his clan.Apprentice:Tornadopaw


Mate-Barktail Kits-Barktail is expecting Kin:Same as Sunshine Personality-He is a sometimes grumpy but playful and loving tom.He is gentle.He has medium length fur.He is a calico tom with blue eyes.He is very handsome he is also very muscular like his father.He loves hunting and fighting and he misses iceleaf.He cares alot about his kin.He will be a great dad.He loves exploring his territory.He wishes to be deputy but not leader alot.Apprentice:PolarPrint

 Calico Cutie


 Crush-Slashpaw Kin: Mom-Beauty Dad-Snowfleck Sister-Iceleaf(waterclan) Brother-camostrike Half-brother-Blizzard(loner) Grandma and grandpa on dad's side-Mosscreek and Thunderstrike Uncles on dad's side-Flamesight and Badgerclaw sister-in-law-Barktail(camo's mate) Brother-in-law-Lynxears(ice's mate) Personality-She is sweet and bubbly.She is friendly.She is a beautiful orange color with grey eyes.She has longer fur like camostrike.She is a slower runner.She is a great hunter and an okay fighter.She loves sunbathing.She is kind and loving and especially lovable.She wants kits and to be mates with slashpaw.Apprentice:WoodPaw



 l Moons:17 BarkTail is a high jumper an is willing to prove her loyalty to her clan & her clan mates she has DARK fur that blends into the wood really well she has no kittypet blood origin shes a full born clan cat an she plans to be the best warrior of airclan Apprentice:


 A snow white tom with amber eyes. He now has a mate and has sacrificed his family to be with his mate, who he loves a lot, in Airclan. He is helping to rebuild to lost clan.

Mate: Beauty Kits: Sunkitty, Dovekitty,Apprentice: Midnightpaw






Fallenprint & Halfprint

Coat color-A black she-kit with orange flecks all over and amber eyes.She looks like she has fallensnow on her. Personality-A quiet but very sweet and polite she-kit. Kin: Dad-Camostrike Mom-Barktail Sisters-Whitekitty,Halfkitty Brother-Winterkit Coat color-A longer furred calico she-cat.She got her name because half of her face is orange and the other half is black. She has amber eyes. Personality-She is sweet and curious. She looks alot like her dad. She is sometimes chatty but very pretty. She is very sweet and polite.




 Crush-Northernpaw Coat-I'm a beautiful brown she-cat. I have a white chest. I have golden eyes. I am slim and lithe. I have orangish colored like scratches all over my body. 

Personality-I'm sweet,kind and gentle. I'm very mean or rude. I love making new friends and going to gatherings. I'm very respectful,honest and loyal. I try to be a friend to everybody.If some cat pushes me away I will let them be. I believe in alone time and free time. I want to have a litter of kits or 2. I love running and swimming. I love climbing trees and sunsets. I love chasing butterflies.Mentor:



Mistyprint :

Kin-Dad-ClawTail brother- midnightpaw Descript-light grey she-cat Personality- funny smart and fast and an exellent hunter Goals/dreams-mother and leader 1 day. Mentor:Cherrymoon



Kin-Sis-MistyPrint Dad-ClawTail Descript- black tom with yellow eyes personality- hes always mutye. he only talks to his family and trusted one after his mothers death Goals/Dreams-a father some day or medcat. Mentor: Snowfleck


TorandoPaw:TorandoPaw is the most determined cat you have ever seen.He will never give up and stives never to fail.He is kind,clueless,funny,and fairly fast.He is very fancy with his paw and can move them quickly,he just cannot run that quick.His fast movments and fancy array of pawwork leave a trail of distruction for his path,Hense his name TorandoPaw. Mentor: Panthergaze



PolarPrint: PolarPrint loves to be orginized and attend evey meeting.She is very up-to-date and keeps the clan that way too.She loves to bath herself while in the shade of her favorite oak.Cats tease her and tuant her with names like "kiss-up" and "brown noser" All because she has alot of repect for athority.She like to play with the minds of foolish toms and trick them to do whatever she wants,but then she feels bad and tells them the truth.Some say she has already broken 3 toms hearts,but rumors are rumors. Mentor: Camostrike

FirPaw: FirPaw can be mean,fierce,and untamable.Elders murmer that he will be the next Tigerclaw or he is Tigerclaw's kit. FirPaw like to argue with cats in high ranks,he like to chanllange athority too.He has rarley any repect but for him.His sibling say somone horrible has dove him to be this cold.Maybe the love from a she-cat could warm his heart of ice? Mentor:Nightfang

 WoodPaw: WoodPaw like to do thing right then and there,he has no patience and tolanrence for kits.WoodPaw loves to eat mice and pounce.He learned a special hunting move when he was younge and now has it perfected,even elders are in awe. Mentor:Sunshine

ForestPrint: ForestPrint is a gentle she-cat who is loveing wise and understanding.ForestPrint strives to do whats right and look after her siblings.Someday she wishes to hear her people shout "ForestStar!ForestStar!" Mentor: Flashstar


Name-Slashpaw Age-6 moons Rank-Apprentice Clan-Airclan Kin:Mother-stormfur Father-Dead Brother-smokepaw Mate-no one Crush-Sunkitty Discription-hansome long haired black and grey tom. Loves to play. Hopes\Goals-want to be a father someday and become future leader. Mentor: Willowfrost



i am white with blue strips,light green eyes,powerful shoulders, lean body,feathered tail,tom handsomePersonality : strong willed, kind,loving,lovable, outgoing and sometimes shymoons:8strong points: good at battling and hunting Weak points:shy ,clan rank: apprentice, mother:Icefang and father:Quickfoot hopes:to be a father and debuty.




She is a black and white she cat with sparkiling green eyes.Personality:She is kind and giving.she will give anything up to better help her clan. she is best at fighting and is good at sharing. She is wise ,to stop blood shed if the fight can be resolved by talking she will do what it takes to stop a fight.Moons:8Hopes: to be a mother and the next inline to be a faithful debuty to the postion of leader

Mentor: Casadasong






I am a large she-cat.16moons old. I am part of Airclan and love it. no know family.Apprentice: 


RabbitEar: RabbitEar is quiet queen who frowns apon gossip.She can be very strict whith kits.Other queens somtimes force their kits to go to bed or else she will go get RabbitEar although it's not true.RabbitEar is not afirad of anything but her kits getting hurt.Her mate died years ago but she still had his litters.



 21 moons  Kin:Mate-Snowfleck Mother-unknown father-unknown siblings-unknown Kits-Blizzard(had with an unknown tom) and Camokit and Icekitty and Sunkitty(the three last kits are Snowfleck's) Brother-in-laws-Badgerclaw and Flamesight Mother-in-law-Mosscreek Father-in-law-Thunderstrike History-She used to be a kittypet.When she got pregnant with Blizzard and Tiny and Dart.Her close friend had kits and they got sold so she ran away to keep her kits.On the way to find a home.Tiny died slipping on moss and drowning.Then shortly after Dart got too weak and died. Blizzard remained.Then she found this area for loners.Shortly after that she met Blueflower and Clawfire that showed her to powerclan.A few moons later she met Snowfleck.Then she got pregnant with three kits and had them all healthy.Now she lives in airclan with her mate and kits. Personality-She is kind and gentle.She is friendly and soothing always good-natured.She is a great mother.She is sometimes lazy she can jump very high Hopes/goals-She will probably stay as a queen.And wants to have at leats one mor elitter of kits





 Narrowkitty is solemn, but when you warm up to her, she's tons of fun. She is usually made fun of by the older kits, but she doesn't mind. She tries to keep an upbeat and optimistic attitude at all times.


A blind shekit who relies on her sister for help.


A white shekit with a gray stripe and paw.


A brave tom kit who leads his brother and sisters.


A tuxedo mix tom kit.


Coat~light ginger she-cat with light blue eyes 
Personality~shes funny smart and is always the trouble maker 
Moon~5 Kin~ FlowerKitty & OrangeKitty
Coat~ a light ginger she0cat with blue eye's 
Personality~ shes ast funny and smart she does what want and you cant stop her 
Moons~5 Kin~OrangeKitty & SweetKitty 

Coat~ a dark ginger she cat with white under belly and dark blue eye's 
Personality~ shes smar an think beore she reacts and wants to be medicine cat one day... she hasnt gotten in trouble once sence she was born 
Moons~5 Kin~FlowerKitty & SweetKitty


HushKitty: Hushkitty is a half mute kit.She likes to bite her mom's tail and sleep.He pernoality is mostly kind and playful.

TroutKit: TroutKit never fit in with the rest.He was always a bit diffrent.So to aviod more hurt he evades cats altogether.He likes to speak to himself and amuse himself by taliing to fish in his favorite place,it's secretly inEarthclan though so he has to be super secret about is favorite place.


SnapperKit: Snapper is full of enrgy and loves to run,fight,and play.He lost to jump out of places and scare people but his pelt usally dosn't allow it.



She is a young athletic she-cat with a heart as big as the world. She loves to run and is unusually fast. She enjoys sitting alone and thinking. She can send her sister messages through her head,but her sister doesn't know she exists. She hopes one day they'll be reunited. She often thinks about what will happen in the future,and always dreams about the past. 

Mother: unknown. Father: Unknown Sister: Brightkitty 

 Fallenkitty & Halfkitty

Coat color-A black she-kit with orange flecks all over and amber eyes.She looks like she has fallensnow on her. Personality-A quiet but very sweet and polite she-kit. Kin: Dad-Camostrike Mom-Barktail Sisters-Whitekitty,Halfkitty Brother-Winterkit Coat color-A longer furred calico she-cat.She got her name because half of her face is orange and the other half is black. She has amber eyes. Personality-She is sweet and curious. She looks alot like her dad. She is sometimes chatty but very pretty. She is very sweet and polite.



 Coat Color-grey ears, muzzle, tail, and legs with sliver eyes Personality- funny and way over active for his age, hes a quick leaner. and always has strange dreams Dad- CamoStrike Mom-BarkTail Sisters- Whitekitty, FallenKitty, HalfKitty


grey ears, tail, mussle, and paws. has blue eyes Personality- is smart and a fast learner, she can run fast and always pinpoint were her brother or sisters will pounce when playing Dad- CamoStrike Mom- BarkTail Sisters- FallenKitty & HalfKitty Brother- WinterKit




Tenderfoot: Tenderfoot dose not like any kind of thing that is wet.He like dry stringy moss for bedding and is the most picky on were his moss comes from.Tender only eats rabbits,why? nobody knows.