Warriors Roaming The Forest

Test your abilities to your limits!

Tigershadow's entry "The Clan"


The Clan

I climbed the nearest tree in the camp.
I looked around the camp.
The dens look like leafs,
and the cats look like ants.

The territory stretches far and wide,
peaceful, and relaxing,
I am safe,
I have a clan now.

But curiosity picks at my pelt.
What lives beyond the borders,
we fight for this tiny piece of woods, 
like we have nowhere to go.

The truth hides itself,
curiosity turns to disappointment,
I can never go there,
I have a clan and a mate.

I watch the edges of the horizon,
every morning,
every evening,
I have to see!


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Please submit any poems about cats that you come up with while the season lasts. At the end of February, there will be a poll to pick the winner! To submit, e-mail the poem(s) to me at annazhigareva@yahoo.co.uk. Have fun! :D

Blueflower's entry "You Are A Warrior"

You Are A Warrior

You are only a Warrior,
If you go through good times and bad.
You are only a Warrior,
If you tell about the times you have had.
StarClan will watch you,
Through think and thin.
StarClan will help you,
They know how bad life has been.
The Dark Forest attacks,
And you try to help.
StarClan fights back,
They attack you and you yelp.
You saved the Clan,
Starclan helped you too.
It was their plan,

To make you you. 

Moonshine's entry's  "Scourge"


What I’ve done

No one will understand why

All they do is run.

They laugh at me

Mock my face

What I’ve done

They tease me

And make me cry

For what?

To simply satisfy?

What I’ve done

It’s all their fault

They created the monster

Inside of me

Now I’ll never be free

What I’ve done.

Look at me now

With blood on my paws

And scars on my body

All because of them

What I’ve done

I had to step up

I couldn’t stand it no more

All the lying



I was fed up.

No one will ever understand my pain

And suffering.

What I’ve done.

Here I lay on the ground

Numb from pain

Loosing blood by the second


Why did it have to end this way?

I never got my revenge…

They never got to pay…

What I’ve done

Now I’m gone

From this cruel world

No more suffering

What I’ve done…

Was it worth it?

Moonshine's entry #2  "The Dark Forest: Tigerstar"

The Dark Forest: Tigerstar

I am sneaky as can be

I creep along the land of cats

Waiting for the time to feast

I walk along the fires of hell

With my vicious allies

Once I ring the bell

We will rise for sure

Show them their mistake

Make them be torn

That day still awaits

But not far

Until then

I sit here silently

Waiting for the time to strike


Sagepaw's entry "What Is A Cat"


What is a cat?
A cat is a groomer, a round the room zoomer,
Who's never too far from a nap -
A chaser, a dancer, a tail-held-high prancer,
A friend purring snug in ur lap.


Willowfrost's entry "Warrior In All"

Warrior In All

See that?
The way you crouch as you stalk your stuffed mouse
That is the kindle of warrior in you
Never heard of such thing
When there's a Warrior In All
Your endurance
The way your muscles ripple under your pelt
Your over groomed pelt
Your ability to climb the highest tree
The highest tree in Two-leg territory
The way you fight
You never back down
Your pelt
Under the over groomed orange pelt
It's covered in scars
Beyond the two-leg pellets?
Your leadership
You don't see it? 
How about I go ahead and tell you, Rusty
Or should I say Firestar?

Moonshine's entry #3 "Hollyleaf"



What happened to Hollyleaf?

I really must know.

Did a badger attack?

Could it be so?


Will she return,

Like Graystripe had?

And if she does,

Will other clans get mad?


Was she sent to the shelter,

If two-legs got hold?

Would she be stuffed?

Would she be sold?


We may not be sure,

But if she 'shant return,

A moment of silence

For a lost warrior.