Warriors Roaming The Forest

Test your abilities to your limits!

Welcome to the EarthClan Camp

These cats are brave and loyal. They spend a lot of their time hunting and on border patrols, because their territory is the biggest of the six Clans'. You might think it's really great to be able to have the largest chunk of land in the forest, but think harder. How do the EarthClan cats cope in winter, when there's so little prey? Despite the big amount of land, it still doesn't make them have the most prey. Well, I'll tell you, they cope by simply not giving up. They work day and night to achieve their goals.You should be proud of these cats. After all, they get all the humans crunching down the trees on their territory. They even had to move camp, once, but still, they never gave up on trying to survive., and they never told any of the other Clans about their tragedies. The EarthClan cats are of true honor and respect, that's for sure.


New EarthClan members

Hello Im the editor of this clan and im very active. Im thunderclaw the debuty of this clan if u need added just post on my profile and flow the steps thanks and enjoy.

News: Hi guys, I WILL be on this WHOLE week so if anything is needed just ask. The kits still need to be apprenticed and apprentices need to be made warriors.( still the same) But I have not been on but I have tried to update everything.

-Thanks your deputy Thunderclaw 

Cat Of The Month: December


for literally being the only active memer

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Camp clearing


This is where the EarthClan cats meet after a long day of hard work to share prey together and chat about life.

Leader's den


Here, the leader can have private meetings with the deputy and senior warriors to discuss several issues and make decisions. The leader can also plan warrior and other ceremonies here. If you want to be a mentor, for example, come here and ask your leader to make you into one.

Medicine cat's den


Here, the medicine cat and his/her apprentice will care for the sick cats and sort out herbs inside the den. Next to the den, there is a small tree with overhanging branches, that shelter a small patch of grass, where the midicine cats can sleep on warm nights or where they can make nests for their ill Clanmates. Also, there is a little clear blue puddle behind the den, where they can soak moss.

Warriors' den


In here, the warriors will sleep at night and in the hottest time of the day. The den is very well sheltered and big enough to fit a whole army of cats inside it.

Apprentices' den


Over here, the apprentices can gossip about he warriors and grouch about the grumpy elders, and, of course, sleep to be restful for the next day.



The nursery is where she-cat, who are expecting kits, will be staying. Queens need to live in the nursery, caring for their kits, until the kits are old enough to become apprentices. Then, the mothers can go back to carrying out their warrior duties and sleeping in the warriors' den.

Elders' den


Here, the Clan's elders can relax and sunbathe, as well as sleep at night. Be sure that they'll grouch and groan whenever an apprentice comes to clean out their bedding and check their pelt for ticks!

Dirt tunnel


You get in and get out. dirt tunnel...also a secret exit

Mystery Den

 There is many stories told about this old den and some say theres a ghost named shadow who knows all.




She was murdered in cold blood by a tom she loved. He dragged her body to the den and dumped it there, that is why she is chained and bound to the den, she is forbidden to leave. She scares others for the hate in her no longer beating heart. She is only seen when she wants to be seen. When shes seen, her beautiful silver tabby pelt is see through and has a blue glow around it. Her eyes are pure blue, no pupil and her voice is hollow and echoey. She may enjoy hurting and scareing others, she still has great advise and wonderful knowledge about anything that she will only share with ones she trusts and knows has a pure heart. 
Kin- Mother: Shilo(deseased) Father: River(deseased)



 Reedpaw: he is a young adventerous tom,who was killed by his father when he was 8 moons,he never really had friends that is why he is mostly crabby to other cats. He now lives in the Mysterious den with Shallow,he misses his old life but wouldn't trade it back for anything




 NEW PIC !!!!! THIS IS ME IN REAL LIFE!!!!!) Greetings,I'm NightFuryStar. I am leader of EarthClan and love my clanmates. I have yellow eyes,ocassionally a silky pelt, and black fur.I have been having computer troubles just like GhostStar. So thanks to all my clanmates being so very patient!!!! love you guys!!!!! ;)Apprentice:Snowprint




Moons: 19 Discription: He is a grey tom with black lepard spots and deep yellow eyes. His muzzle is white and his chest.Personality:He is brave and modest but can be a bit bossy at times. He is born to lead, take sitiwations into his own paws and is young, wise and has a heart of gold.He is often dazed by the thoughts of his past but can't remember any of it only that he had a brother and parents.Every cat needs someone to lean on even the clan deputy,he respects icesky and trust her with his life, dose't love her just likes her. Goals/Dreams:Hopes to acheve the goal to lead his clan and be a happy father.




Medicine cat and medicine cat apprentice


Medicine cat 
She absolutly hates others. She has a nasty attitude and snapps at nearly everyone. Her hate for others came when she secretly has a kit with a warrior and they killed her son. She puts up with everyone because she has to for her love of herbs. The only thing that she wont snap at are kits...well...sometimes. 
Kin- Father and mother: Unknown Son: Nightkit(deseased) Apprentice:Pinepaw



 Personality: impatient, selfish, lazy, stubbornand Huh, SonlikeFather. But, actually quite kind, and is devoted to his herbs. Age: 11 moonsStrongpoints: good medicine cat Weakpoints: lazy Parents: Willowmoon and Shadowstripe Siblings: Bumbleprint, Waterprint (WaterClan) Mentor:Killergaze





 DESCRIPTION:Short, light calico she-cat with white legs and warm amber eyes.Scars.PERSONALITY:Lively, brave, cunning, and swift. Icesky would give her life for her Clan. She is quick on her feet and isn't afraid of anything but, loneliness. She absoulty loves her kits and swears to Skyclan she would die for their lives to be spared. She is happy to finally be a mother and proud to be the mother of three bright beautiful kits APPRENTICE was Owlfeather MATE/CRUSH/KITS:I'm with Fallenleaves of EarthClan with three kits Mintkitty a calico, Firekit a ginger like his father, and Dreamkitty a gingerish-brown and white. I have adopted a kit into my life so that he isn't alone his name is Redkit. Apprentice: (I know she's gone but I don't have the heart to just delete her.Sorry)



Description:is a ginger tom with paws,he is strong,lean and,very handsomePersonality: nice,sweet,funny,sensative,outgoing,down to earthHis background:his parents died in a fire but before they died they told him to find earthclan and stay thereAge:19 moons Apprentice:



she is a mature warrior,who never really had friends when she was younger that is why she is rude to other cats. But she loves kits and always goes to the Nursery to visit them. She is a great fighter and loyal to Earthclan. Apprentice: Silverpaw



He is sweet, but don't get on his bad side.(He's very protective)  He's 12 moons old with green eyes. He's not good at hunting, but is great at fighting. He is smart ,He is a smart ,strong tom with a bad side that you would not want to be on cause he can strikeback what every you toss at him. He is very protective and sometimes too much over protective but i guess its better safe then sorry. He can be very sweet other wise and a love that could keep your love pumping for him even with your last life. He is very noble and a heroic figure that most kits want to be like him.He is built strong.

Crush: Bumbleprint, Mentor was Icesky Apprentice: Mintprint 


she lived as a loner with her brother(Darkpaw, Powerclan) and her parents. They were attacked by fierce large cats. Her dad threw her into a bush and her mother threw her brother in an abandoned rabbit den. Their mother was ripped apart by the strange cats and their dad taken as prisoner. She was walking around in the winter looking for her dad and passed out on Earthclan territory where she was found. Her brother eventually found his way to her only to be separated again. She hopes with all her heart that others will see her as a great warrior and friend. she is really brave and great at fighting. Crush: Flamepaw Apprentice:Whisperprint



Hes the middle kit and hes kinda lazy. Hes skinnier then his outgoing brother Dustpaw, somehow but Ghostpaw likes to sleep and nothing else. He cant wait to be a warrior tho. His sister wants to be Leader one day to be just like their father but not Ghostpaw. He knows leaders have too much responsibility and that just wasnt him. He does want a mate and kits tho. 
Kin- Mother: Littlewhisper Father: Hawkstar(both deseased) Brother: Dustpaw Sister: MoonprintApprentice:Lilyprint



Shes outgoing and loves to get dirty and she considers herself one of the guys. Well she use to. She was very close to her father, daddy's little girl and when he died she was heartbroken and started making herself scarce and sometimes wouldnt even show in the clearing to even eat. Shes the baby of the litter and her brothers try to take care of her but she wished they wouldnt. She wished she would just join her parents in starclan but knows she cant leave her brothers behind. 
Kin- Mother: Littlewhisper Father: Hawkstar Brothers: Ghostpaw, Dustpaw. Apprentice:Shadowprint



Apprentice: Dreamprint



 18 moons Description: A white tabby tom with yellow eyes and black paws. He's strong and respectable, and is loyal to his clan, but sometimes gets distracted. Hopes: To be Deputy, hopefully leader, some day. Sister: Whisper(Rougue)Apprentice: Timelessprint/Firepaw

  Peachsoul :

Moons: 19 Description: Light beige and dark amber eyes PERSONALITY: I am a somewhat strong she-cat but, I still like Toms to think I need protection at times. I am a dependable warrior. If I am told to go hunt expect me to bring back alot. If I am told to protect my Clan expect to not see a single cat from the Clan i juried or dead. My brother is BrackenPelt and he says we have a sister but, I don't know her and don't want to. I am kind and considerate but, break my heart and I am deadly.Goals/Dreams: Just to be a warrior Apprentice: Riverprint



 He is a young, black calico tom,with bright green eyes. He has unusual long, black claws and has deep markings on his tail .He is a kind,brave tom .That has brod sholders and well built muscles. He is noble, courageous and kind hearted. Shadowblaze personally loves kits and would like to have a mate. He enjoys walks in his territory and will live up to his reputation. He can be dark at times and gloomy. He doesn't remember much of his past but does see glipses of his brother and parents in his dreams. Apprentice:Earlyprint


Description- A tall muscular broad shuoldered boulder grey tabby tom with green grey eyes 
Goals/Dreams- None but, to be there for his Clan and be a strong warrior 
Crush/Mate- None 

Personality- Quiet but, protective of his two sisters IceSky and SwiftHeart he loves them deeply and would never let anything happen to them. He is a wise tom that is strong and sometimes intimadting but, is really sweet and kind when you get to know him. He doesn't really think any toms are good enough for his sisters but, would die protecting their families.He can be counted on to protect the camp or even take of a badger or fox or even wild dogs for the lives of other cats. A tom you can rely on....after you get past his hard outershell . Apprentice:Dragonprint(1moon)/Wildprint




Kin:Mother: (dead), Father (dead), Crush: none Sibilings: (dead) Description/Personality: SwiftPrint is young an brave, fast, strong, clever, cunning, & sneaky. you can ask her anything about herbs an she has no problem telling you them all. you can challenge her to a race, shell winn..... she can out smart the oldest warrior an out pace the fastest tom. SwiftPrint is a white color'd she~cat. she has bright blue eyes. an one long dark grey mark down her her forhead an cheeks. Mentor was Brokenwing. Apprentice:Blackpaw/Awakingprint


Coat-A gorgeus light brown tabby she-cat with a whie chest,paws and light green eyes. Clan-Earthclan Crush-Big time Nightfurystar Personality-A graceful hunter.She is friendly and gentle.Her looks are the same as her personality beautiful.She is sometimes funny.She wishes to become a mother to kits.And become Nightfurystar's mate.She is loyal and honest.She is happy and sweet.She is loving and defintely lovable.Apprentice:Dawnprint


 Cloverdust- is a Calico she-cat with fern colored eyes she is nice but can be a feirce fighter.Apprentice: Patchpaw



 She use to see herself as beautiful, the picture perfect cat everyone wanted to be and any tom she met wanted to be with her. She loved the way she was, basicly fed from it. At the time her name was Brit, short for Brittney. Sadly, her sister Haylie didn't get the pride and beauty she did. Haylie was an outcast, and she sometimes refused to hang out with her sister so she wouldn't hurt her reputation. One day she and her sister were walking home with each other and were suddenly attacked by a clutter of bob cats. Despite her normal selfish perfect self, she tried to save her sister from the bob cats, taking ever blow she could to save her sisters life. In the end, she was left with a missing front leg, the left side of her face was hidiously scared and her ear and eye completely missing, and half her tail bit off, also, her jaw became crooked. She wouldn't have survived if a twoleg hadn't come and rescued her and Haylie, and patched them up. After she was fixed, she tried going back to her old home, were everyone loved her, but what they saw wasnt beauty. It was hidious. She has had low self esteem ever since and cowered from most of the world. She never went back to her sister and the twoleg. She named herself Crookedsmile for when she looked into a puddle, she had half a smile, half a frown. Apprentice: Blairprint

Mate- none



 Rainfern is a pretty cat who is sister to the torn warrior Silentshadow. Her mother died when she was only a moon old, and her father, Mottle the Rogue, took her older brother to Airclan. Another she-cat raised her, but she refused to talk about her since she died in a battle when Rainfern was an apprentice. She is caring and considerate, and will make a great mother someday. Apprentice: Forestprint


A beautiful small tortoiseshell warrior with a love for relationships. Her eyes are amber and she loves kits and protecting her Clan. She is Craneclaw's daughter, also Leafstar is her mother.
Sweetember does not accept Craneclaw and Leafmist as her parents. She does not believe they liked eachother, and is not going to say that her mother is Leafmist. Her mother left her when her father died. Since then the only cat as her family she trusts is Brackenpelt.
Mate: Brackenpelt



I am a fast, swift, strong, agile, she-cat with a lithe figure. I am black with white patches dancing across my fur. I have stunning blue eyes. There's nothing special about me!!!!! I can put cats at easy with my words. I am wise. I am smart. And I'm always ready to fight. I don't talk to cats I've never met, so it's hard for me to make friends. I don't worry about how many friends I have, I don't count them and mistreat them. I have a gentle soul. I can be mean and rough on the outside, sarcastic and sly, devilish and deceiving, but I always keep my word. I always show respect. I strive to live by the code. I am an honorable warrior. I stand up for what I think is right. I can always win a debate. I prefer to be with toms. Not because I'm a flirt, but because they understand my ways... And there's always less drama. I will be your best warrior, the gentlest queen, the feircest soldier, the kindest elder, the most forgiving enemy... But don't mess with my clan. Or try to fight me on the battle field!!Mentor:Swiftbird



I'm a fun,amazing lucky apprentice in EarthClan.I was saved by GrapVine from a badger before she died.She gave me to EarthClan.I'm fun,loving,caring,and cool! I need an awsome mentor.Mentor: Jayfrost



 A silvery-blue she-cat with blue eyes. She has a soft heart, and always enjoys treating others' wound with herbs. But she was destined to be a warrior instead of a medicine cat, since a different apprentice was chosen. Mentor: Peachsoul

Crush: Mosspaw




 Desciption: A grey and white tabby she-cat with grey-ish eyes and long legs. She loves to run and hunt, is pretty good at fighting. She's humble, sweet, and loyal, and hopes to serve her clan well.



 She is very out going and funny. When cats look at her they say she's beautiful but she doesn't agree with them because she thinks no such thing. She wants to grow up and be a queen,unlike her sister who would like to be deputy or leader. She loves to fight,and can win a lot of battles.She doesn't want to disappoint her sister so she always acts like she wants to be a deputy,or leader.Her family is rouges except for her sister.

 Kin- Mother:(unknown) Father:(unknown) Sister: Shadowprint Mentor:Duststorm



 She is a beautiful,loving and skillful apprentice. Her family is rouges except for her sister Winterprint. She was raised in the cold and knows nothing except for that. She loves life and always lives life to the fullest. Her future goals are to be a deputy or leader.Both suit her well since she was born to lead,she can take charge and make cats believe she's always right. She respects all of her elders and leaders,and would never do anything to dis-respect her clan.

Kin- Mother: unknown Father:unknown Sister: Winterprint.Mentor:Moonshadow



 She has always been interested in herbs. She loves going to the Medicine den and exploring things.She loves to watch Killerprint do her job. She doesn't enjoy fighting much but if she has to she will. She wishes she were a Medicine Cat but she knows that spot is already filled. She has a tiny crush on Pinepaw,but never says anything,but whenever she see's him she blushes.

Sister: Breezekitty. Mentor:



She is a sweet shecat thats very down to earth. But dont harm her loved ones or she'll rip ur fur. she has a good natured heart and wishes to be a great warrior and a lovely mother. She is bluish with deep blue eyes and white paws. Mentor: Brackenpelt



She is a smart, keen shecat that can throw a pretty hard punch when at times of dispare. She can be as gental as a butterfly or as sharp as a thisslethorn. Timelessprint has a light gray body with leopard black spots and one forest green eye the other ocean blue.She has no relatives but thinks of talonpaw as a brother.Moons:9 Mentor: Whitestorm


 She is a young energetic apprentice with a mind of her own. SHe is very joyful to other cats,but in her mind remains of her old life bug her. She is an amazing hunter,and fighter. She really knows how to make cats feel better when they're down. She is very outgoing and fun loving. She never backs down from a challenge unless it involves the safety  of her loved-ones. Mother: Shimmerstorm  Father: Deathstare Mentor:Shadowstripe



Moons:8 Personality/discription: He is compassiont young tom with handsome black stripes and ocean blue eyes.His eyes are like clear pools of fresh water with a never ending depth. You could get lost in his eyes and then if you have never had enough his voice is as smooth and charming.He has brod shoulders and sleek muscles. He loves battles and always tries to get to the heat of the battles. He seems that hes always bloody from battles but its his enemys . He wants a mate to share his life with and never give up on him. Mentor:Thunderbreeze




 she is a beautiful fun loving all white she-cat. Her main goal is to be leader,and share her experiences with the clan. She loves to have fun,so if you were her friend you'd never be bored! Winterprint finds learning interesting too! She loves learning about herbs so you never know when she'll be of good service to you(: Mentor:Amberblaze



she is the oldest of her family and is very responsible. Her main goal in life is to be a debuty,and be a great warrior. She loves to hide,and is very fast,unusually fast. She can swim very well for a Earthclan cat,but loves her clan and would never want to move. She loves adventure but never would try to kill herself. Mother: Icesky Father:Fallenleaves Sister:Dreamkitty Brother:Firekit Mentor: Owlfeather



 She is a calico like her mother,Icesky and has amber eyes and a ringed tail like her father, fallenleaves. She has a white muzzle and one white paw. She is sweet and always will look up to her brother, firekit for his braveness and courage.she is shy and little but dont jugde her for her tiny size, she could shed anyone have her size and is good with come backs to protect her. she loves her sister mintkitty dearly and loves warm days with lots of prey running.she wants to lead her clan with greatness but if not a loyal warrior to her leader. Mentor:



  He is a handsome, ginger tom with a ring tailed and amber eyes. Since his mother passed. He had made a promise to be the greatest warrior and that he will obey,listen and do. He now has a tough personality developed around his parents that have been lost. He now has a hard head and solid heart that can not be retched simply. His feelings are hardly shown anymore and his once bright amber eyes that held so much life now holds only loyalty and are ferice determination. He protects his sisters dreamprint and mintprint and loves to explore.He wishes to be the best warrior or leader. Mentor:Swiftheart




Black with one white paw, greens eyes and a ginger spot on his stomach. Is sweet, caring, wild, fun, and cute. Can read minds.

Sister: Earlykitty, Mother: Harmonysong Mentor:Brackenpelt(in 1 moon)


She is orange with white spots. Is funny sweet and caring. Can look up at the moon and read prophecies.She is known for her amazing fighting skills and is very beautiful. She wishes one day to be deputy,and trains often.

Sister: Wildkitty, Mother: Harmonysong Mentor:Shadowblaze



White with orange splotches and green eyes. She's sweet, kind, and sensitive.She is very quiet and is always around her mother. She is a great hunter and will catch on quickly.

Mother: Whisperingsong, Sister: Violetkitty, Brother: Blackkit Mentor:Ghosteye


She's black with orange splotches and green eyes. She's sweet, funny, nice, and daring.She loves being around her brother and has an odd connection with him. They seem to understand eachother well. She loves adventure,and always is goofing off,but is oddly responsible. 

Mother: Whisperingsong, Father:Deathgaze Sister: Lilykitty, Brother: Blackkit Mentor:Talonclaw


 Hes quiet. He talks to no one and others think somethings always wrong with me. Normally he'd never want to be around others but since his dreams with his father, he's felt good and learned to play with others. Loves his family and normally sticks with his sister Lilykitty. 

Kin-(Mother)- Whisperingsong(Father)- Deathstar(rogue now) (Sisters)- Lilykitty and Violetkitty. Mentor:Swiftbird


Shes high in sarcasim,and doesn't look like anything special,because she's not. But she is an amazing fighter.Her family is dead. Mentor:NightFuryStar




 Crush-Seapaw Coat color-She is white with long fur.A grey tail.Her face is grey and orange splotched and she has pretty blue eyes. Persoanlity-An energectic and sweet apprentice.She wants to be the best she can be.She loves hunting and she likes Seapaw.She can't hold something in.She likes expressing her emotions.She is very friendly and kind.She is caring but sometimes self-fish.She likes making new friends. Mentor:Birdflight 




Hes adventurous and loves his eldest siblings. Hes mostly attatched to Ghosteye. He loves his brothers and sister and mother very much and will protect them at any cost. 

Kin-(brothers) Duststorm, Ghosteye, Ashkit, Hawkkit, Seakit. (Mother)-Littlewhisper (Father)Hawkstar(deseased) (Sister) Moonshadow.Mentor:Cloverdust


 He's the youngest but likes being the boss. He would never make his brothers do something they didnt want to but he does like being in charge. He shows everyone that he is. He likes getting dirty and normally comes back to the nursery covered in dirt, even tho its hard to tell for his pelt is a thin brown color. 

Kin-(Mother) Littlewhisper (Father)- Hawkstar(deceased) (Brothers)- Patchkit, Hawkkit, Ashkit, Duststorm, Ghosteye (Sister)- Moonshadow Mentor:Thunderwing



She is a young and lively. Her family was killed when badgers attacked,yet she is very listless,and loving to everyone.capricious,she had to leave the rogue forest and become an apprentice. Never looking back. Her main goal is to just fit in normally even though she was once a rogue. Mentor: Rainfern



Sweet, beautiful, funny, and sometimes shy. Is good at hunting and is 11 moons old.  Brother: Pinepaw, Father: Shadowstripe, Mother: Willowmoon, Mentor was Fireblade,Mate: Owlfeather Apprentice:



She is very kind and down to earth she loves being around her sister. Also she is very open hearted and will listen if you need anything she loves to give people advice. Is good at fighting. Friends: Shadowstripe and alot of others who play warriors but aren't on this site.Mother: Ivycloud, Father: Sparkblaze, Sister: Creamkitty(Deceased), Mentor was Shadowstripe, Mate is Duststorm Apprentice was Blairprint


Brokenwing :

Crush-She likes Thunderclaw quite a bit. Kin-All unknown Past-Is quite frightening Hopes/goals-To have a caring mate and kits. Personality-She is gentle and soothing.She is calm and kind.She is a good hunter and fighter.She is loyal and honest.She doesn't mind sharing her past.She loves kits.Apprentice: 


 Eaglestorm Age: 10 moons  Description: A tawny gold she-cat with green eyes. She's swift and smart, but has her faults. Hope: To become a mentor, maybe even leader some day.)


Shes a sweet she-cat. Shes a fluffy brown and white cat with gold eyes. She was the loyal mate to Hawkstar, leader before Nightfurystar. She misses him and his loyal wise words. She's a furious fighter and wont hesitate to claw your ears off if you mess with her clan or family. She wishes for another mate who will be there for her and her new born kits but wont try to beat Hawkstar. 

Kin-(secret sister) Silverfur(deceased)(Brother)- Cloid(Unknown) Kits-(Daughter) Moonshadow(Sons)- Duststorm, Ghosteye, Patchkit, Hawkkit, Ashkit, Seakit.



White with orange splotches. Is kind, sweet, and caring.

Kits: Blackkit, Violetkitty, and Lilykitty, Mate: (Is unclear in the e-mail please say again.)

(No PIc Yet) 


A kind white she-cat with soft blue eyes. Very sweet but will fight to the death for anyone she loves or who is in her Clan. She is going to have kits soon, but her mate died. Wants her kits to have strong, happy kits.

Mate: Charcoalfire(Deceased) Kits: Swankitty and Darekit, Crush: Brittlesoul

(Please pic one. Or ask for more choices.)


A fluffy white cat with green eyes.
Personality: Cottonwing is a sweet she~cat! She loves to be around everybody! She had a mate but can't remember him or his name....When she came to EarthClan she was pregnant..And will have her kits in a few days! Even though she already had a mate she love to have another one sometime! Wants to find another mate and to have four litters!

Her parents died when she was born.

(Temp' pic. Tell Nightfurystar if you dont like it)



A grey kitten with sea blue eyes. She loves playing and wants a mate someday. 


 A golden colored kit with big jade green eyes and a big fluffy tail. She is almost six moons old. She loves adventures and is very brave, Never afraid to back down from a challenge. Often she gets in trouble, but she is a good kit at heart. She loves her friends and will do anything to protect her clan. Her parents were killed by badgers and she came to Earthclan. Her biggest Goal is to take care of her clan no matter what, and she will never leave a cat behind.



Mother:Moonshadow Father: Shadowblaze 



 Silver she-cat tabby with blue eyes slim build and the smallest in her litter. Personality- She's smart and quick witted Siblings:none



 he is a calm, relax, laid-back lazy cat who is gentle at all times. he has pretty green-blue eyes that people often get lost in. sister Olivekitty



 Gorgeous small lithe, torteshell she-kit with amber eyes like her father 

She is quiet and likes to go on adventures and play. She likes to experiment with her claws and teeth to see what all damage she can do. She is really close to her two brothers. 
kin- (Mother) SwiftHeart (Father)Ghosteye (Sister)Cricketkitty (Brothers) TrekKit, Palekit (Uncles) Seapaw, Patchpaw, Ashkit, Hawkkit, Duststorm. (Aunt) Moonshadow (Grandmother) Littlewhisper (Grandfather) Hawkstar (Cousins) Mudkit, Sagekit, Darkkit, Lostkitty



Handsome brown tabby with a mix of amber green eyes, amixture of his mother's and his father's eyes. 
Being the eldest he is the biggest. He is very energetic but, isn't much of an adventurer. He likes to act like different toms he meets. He is really close to his siblings and often wrestles with his sisters and brother. 

kin- (Mother) SwiftHeart (Father)Ghosteye (Sisters) DesertKitty, Cricketkitty (Brother) Palekit. (Uncles) Seapaw, Patchpaw, Ashkit, Hawkkit, Duststorm. (Aunt) Moonshadow (Grandmother) Littlewhisper (Grandfather) Hawkstar (Cousins) Mudkit, Sagekit, Darkkit, Lostkitty 



 Grimkit is a kit who loves being sneaky, and loves adventure. He sneaks out of camp at least twice a moon, and he is quite strong and misbehaved because of it. He is a wooer and never ceases moving.

She is an adventurous she-kit who loves to be around her brothers. She is always focused on what needs to be done,and loves to train. Her main goal is to be a great warrior that Earthclan will be proud of. She never complains and when she does its about how she never is doing enough to help the clan.
Kin- (Mother)Nettlewing (Father)Duststorm (Brothers) Mudkit, Darkkit,Sagepaw, (Uncles) Seapaw, Patchpaw, Ashkit, Hawkkit, Ghosteye. (Aunt) Moonshadow (Grandmother) Littlewhisper. (Grandfather) Hawkstar (Cousins) Desertkitty, Cricketkitty, Palekit, Trekkit.

He is a loud tom,who always speaks the truth. He never lets people tell him bad stuff about him. He loves to be in charge,he was born to lead. He can be very loving and charming,if a she-cat gets to know him,but on the outside hes just loud,and rude.
Kin- (Mother)Nettlewing (Father)Duststorm (Brothers) Mudkit,Sagekiy,(Sister) Lostkitty (Uncles) Seapaw, Patchpaw, Ashkit, Hawkkit, Ghosteye. (Aunt) Moonshadow (Grandmother) Littlewhisper. (Grandfather) Hawkstar (Cousins) Desertkitty, Cricketkitty, Palekit, Trekkit. 


 Olivekitty has a way she uses humor to be a popular choice for a mate, though she never really wanted a mate. all she wants is to serve her clan



 she is a small but athletic cat who is high on sarcasm but is a loyal and good friend. she came to EarhClan with amnesia so she doesnt know if her family is dead or not. she has a scar on her nose from her fight with Shadowstipe



KIn: Mother-Brokenwing Father-Amberblaze Brother-Foxkit Sister-Mosskitty
Coat-A honey colored she-cat with blue eyes and white paws.She has light stripes.
Personality-She is sweet and shy. She is very kind and lovable. She has a heart of gold. She is cute and bubbly. Mosskitty sometimes steals her spotlight but she doesn't really care.  



Kin: Mother-Brokenwing Father-Amberblaze Sisters-Bumblekitty and Mosskitty
Coat-A dark ginger tom like his father. He also has amber eyes like his father.
Personality-A adventurous but sometimes devilish tom. He is friendly but always gentle. He would never mean any harm to his clan mates. He loves throwing the mossball. He likes trying new things and is always up for a good play-fight


Kin: Father-Amberblaze Mother-Brokenwing Brother-Foxkit Sister-Bumblekitty
Coat-A tortoishell kitten with green eyes.
Personality-She is cute and sweet. She is innocent. She is bubbly and happy. She is lovable. She is curious. She likes rolling in mossballs. She has her mother's pelt color. She is gentle and kind. She is is sometimes shy but rarely.     


He looks almost exactly like his father, Ghosteye. He's a grey calico with amber eyes. He's the baby of the litter but was the first to open his eyes. He loves to get into trouble and not listen very well.
kin- (Mother) Swiftheart (Father)Ghosteye (Sisters) Desertkitty, Cricketkitty (Brother) Trekkit. (Uncles) Seapaw, Patchpaw, Ashkit, Hawkkit, Duststorm. (Aunt) Moonshadow (Grandmother) Littlewhisper (Grandfather) Hawkstar (Cousins) Mudkit, Sagekit, Darkkit, Lostkitty

She's a beautiful fluffy black she-cat with gorgeous eyes. She tends to whine when she doesn't get her way or tattle on her own siblings to get what she wants to their parents. She thinks she needs all the attention and normally sticks with her mother.
kin- (Mother) Swiftheart (Father)Ghosteye (Sister) Desertkitty,(Brothers) Trekkit, Palekit (Uncles) Seapaw, Patchpaw, Ashkit, Hawkkit, Duststorm. (Aunt) Moonshadow (Grandmother) Littlewhisper (Grandfather) Hawkstar(Cousins) Mudkit, Sagekit, Darkkit, Lostkitty

He's kinda shy, and doesn't like being near to many at once. He's a mama's boy and sticks near Nettlewing. He sometimes gets made fun of because of that. He doesn't get into much trouble because of the way he is.
Kin- (Mother)Nettlewing (Father)Duststorm (Brothers) Mudkit, Darkkit (Sister) Lostkitty (Uncles) Seapaw, Patchpaw, Ashkit, Hawkkit, Ghosteye. (Aunt) Moonshadow (Grandmother) Littlewhisper. (Grandfather) Hawkstar (Cousins) Desertkitty, Cricketkitty, Palekit, Trekkit.

Hes energetic and a loud mouth. He only gets in trouble because how loud he talks at times. He's always full of energy and rarely sad. He always follows his father, and sometimes tries to follow him on hunts or patrols or into the warrior den, but that never works.
Kin- (Mother)Nettlewing (Father)Duststorm (Brothers) Sagekit, Darkkit (Sister) Lostkitty (Uncles) Seapaw, Patchpaw, Ashkit, Hawkkit, Ghosteye. (Aunt) Moonshadow (Grandmother) Littlewhisper. (Grandfather) Hawkstar (Cousins) Desertkitty, Cricketkitty, Palekit, Trekkit.


 A silver tabby she-cat with blue eyes. She's shy, calm, and collective, and likes to be by herself. But she's nimble on her paws, and wants nothing more but to protect her littermates. Mother: Eaglestorm Father: Thunderclaw Brother: Stealthkit Sister: Trustkitty


A black and white tom that looks like his father, Thunderclaw. He's strong, fast, and cunning, and loves his family. He will protect his clan at all costs when the time comes. Mother: Eaglestorm Father: Thunderclaw Sisters: Trustkitty and Silentkitty



A silver tabby she-cat with green eyes. She's full of energy, and loves her family. She's trustworthy, loyal, and a skilled hunter. Mother: Eaglestorm Father: Thunderclaw Brother: Stealthkit Sister: Silentkitty


A dark ginger she-cat with amber eyes. She doesn't talk much, and some people think she's mute. She was adopted by Eaglestorm right after her first litter was born. She's a little older than the litter, but she loves them as if they were her own kin.
Little Crush: Palekit




He is as strong and noble as his deceased father. He is kind, responsible and takes heart at everything he does.Hawkkit can be skilled at almost everything and learns fast at fighting skills. He cares for others, especially his brothers and his mother and was born to lead. He is all black with bright,clear blue eyes.

 Mother:Littlewhisper Father:Hawkstar (deseased)Brothers: Ashkit and Patchkit Sister:Seakitty Other siblings: Moonshadow, Duststorm and Ghosteye



He is an all grey, handsome tom with clear,mossy green eyes. He is the one of the average kits with in his siblings,he follows the warrior code and follows what his siblings do. He dose have a sweet charming voice and is great at battling,with swift skill and fast learning.

  Mother:Littlewhisper Father:Hawkstar (deseased)Brothers: Hawkkit and Patchkit Sister:Seakitty Other siblings: Moonshadow, Duststorm and Ghosteye





She is a pretty she-cat with an amazing personality,and heart. She is very fast and great at hunting. Her goal is to a mother of 4 kits and have a mate that cares about her,very much. She has dazzling dark blue eyes that you could get lost in for hours. She loves adventure and always sneaks out of camp. She is loyal to her clan and would protect it with her life,she is very protective of nature and hates to see fires and tornadoes. Her parents were drowned by an evil cat,who still comes after her because she was the only one who escaped except for her sister Rainkitty,but she has no clue where she is. 

Kin- Mother: Cloudfeather(deceased) Father: Ripplestorm (deceased) Sister: Rainkitty



He is a strong well built tom with bright,deep blue eyes.He has is kind -hearted and respects all whom earns his respect. He usually keeps to himself and his emotions together during tough sitiuations.He has a pretty hard punch when it comes to defending his clan and will pounce even if threatened. He has no known kin and will lead his life in independence.He is swift on his feet and mind with a beautiful nature and a kind heart. He is known for his good looks and fast and skillful fighting skills. He is a figure that most look up to a cunning,strong,fast learner and almost every one he meets,he touches there hearts with his kind personality. Moons:5

 ghost cat.jpg



is a black tom with ice-blue eyes and a sad past. His father killed his mother and younger siblings because he thought they loved to much and were weak. he left Pricklekit alive because he had potential and he thought it was a waste to train him and then kill him. he used to be a happy kind and outgoing kit, he loved everyone. but know he doesn't know who to trust and is cold to others so that he doesn't have to feel the pain of losing someone he loves ever again.


 She is a beautiful and shy old kit. She cant wait until she becomes an apprentice,and learns how to fight and hunt. She has no family,and there is a rumor that her mother was once sent back down to the world after she died,but its just a myth. She loves listening to stories form the elders,and running. She can get into a lot of mischief. 

Kin-Mother: (unknown) Father:(unknown) Brother:splashkit



 she is a beautiful and energentic young she-kit. She loves to play and tease the other kits (not meanly). She has a beautiful personality,and truly when she's older she wants to be deputy or leader. She accepts the fact that not everyone is going to like her but she tries to meet everyone. She is an awesome fighter and hunter.



He is a very outgoing tom,he always out does things and pushes his strength to the limit. He wants to continue learning,and never wants to stop training. His main goal is to be a debuty when he's older and have kits.Sister:Summerkitty



 She is an adventurous young she-kit. She is very solemn and only talks when needed. She is very wise and know when its right to fight. She is also a very good fighter and hopes someday she will meet her mother. Her family was killed by badgers,except herself and her mother got away. There is also a chance her brother is still alive but knows not where to find him,or what he looks like.  

Sister: Leafprint. 




Duskkit : 

4 moons
His mother left him with his sister. He is a black tom with green eyes. He is strong and kind and playful 
Kin mother:unknown Father: Unknown Sister: Squirrelkitty

4 moons
Her mother left her with her brother. She is kind strong and loving. She is a light brown she kit with big green eyes. 

Kin- Mother: Unknown Father: Unknown Brother: Duskkit 


Sisters: Flowerkitty, Gracekitty, Featherkitty, Jaguarkitty, Brothers: Nightkit and Razorkit Mother: Cottonwing Father: (Deceased)


A light orange kit with light black dots on her body
She is very enthusiastic! And loves to play with leaves and Butterflies! She always thinks about herbs and medicine in her dreams!

Sisters: Flowerkitty, Gracekitty, Featherkitty and Cloudkitty, Brothers: Nightkit and Razorkit Mother: Cottonwing Father: (Deceased)


She is deaf and mute. She just sits and watches. Cats think she's creepy because of that, but they don't understand. She has scars on her back by being carried by an eagle.

Brother: Darekit  Crush: Dust





 A cranky, old, brown tabby she-cat with brown eyes. She snaps at nearly everyone, but has the best intentions at heart. 

Daughter: Eaglestorm, Son in law: Thunderclaw, Grand Children: Stealthkit, Silentkitty, Trustkitty, and Sorrelkitty