Warriors Roaming The Forest

Test your abilities to your limits!

Welcome to the MoonClan camp

This was the last Clan to form. They had lots of trouble while forming, because the other five Clans didn't particulary want some of their Clanmates going off to be in a new Clan, along with rival Clans cats.

Despite these many significant problems, MoonClan have proven to be full of loyal and intelligent warriors, ready to throw themselves into battle to protect their Clan at any opportunity. They have thrived in their apprenticeship, and it is now your turn to help MoonClan survive! Be loyal, respectful and positive, so that I, your leader, have got nothing to be ashamed of when I lead you into a battle of any sort!


New MoonClan members

News: The new deputy has been chosen! Please congratulate Shiningflame for becoming the MoonClan deputy!

New warriors: Ashtail, Sparkeye, Cinderblaze, Littlefire, Bravewing, Leafmist

New mentors: 

New apprentices: 

New kits:


Camp clearing

This is where the MoonClan cats meet after a long day of hard work to share prey together and chat about life.

Leader's den

Here, the leader can have private meetings with the deputy and senior warriors to discuss seveal issues and make decisions. The leader can also plan warrior and other ceremonies here. If you want to b a mentor, for example, come here and ask you leader to make you into one. Also other important info is brought here. The den is made of rocks which absorb warmth during the day, this makes it a very warm place at night, even on the coldest of days.


Medicine cat's den

Here, the medicine cat and his/her apprentice will care for the sick cats and sort out herbs inside the den. It is very large and has a small opening at the top of the den to let rain fall in, this rain falls into a puddle right in the middle of the main den which they can then bath and soak moss in (also drank from on varias occasion). There is a main door (where cats enter the den) which leads into the main room, off of the main room there is three smaller rooms in the smallest the herbs are stored, in the middle sized there is the Medicine cat and apprentence and in the the other den (large yet slightly smller then the main room) is a room where the sick go and make their nests, this must be changed frequently.


Warriors' den

In here, the warriors will sleep at night and in the hottest time of the day. The den is very well sheltered and big enough to fit a whole army of cats inside it. It is well hidden so that if theres attack the old, young and those unable to fight can hide without getting found.

Apprentices' den

Over here, the young apprentices can gossip about the warriors and grouch about the grumpy elders, and, of course, sleep to be restful for the next day. It is also between the warriors den and elders den and oppisite the medicine cats den.


The nursery is where she-cats, who are expecting kits, will be staying. Queens need to live in the nursery, caring for their kits, until the kits are old enough to become apprentices. Then, the mothers can go back to carrying out their warriors duties and sleeping in the warriors' den. This den is next door to the medicine cats den in case of ermergencies.

Elders' den

Here, the Clan's elders can relax and sunbathe, as well as sleep at night. Be sure that they'll grouch and groan whenever an apprentice comes to clean out their bedding and check their pelt for ticks! They are in the centre of the camp and the other side of the medicine cats den and next to the clearing.


It is a barren area of the camp. Used to bury the dead and many cats mourn here.



 Rowanstar: is dark brown tom with darker brown stripes running down his fur. He possesses beautiful, almost entrancing sea-foam coloured eyes. His left forepaw is white up to where his "elbow" would be located and his right forepaw is white up to his "toes". Rowanstar is a massive cat; he is bigger than most other toms. Is often admired for his broad, powerful shoulders. He's very cold, Rowanstar does not speak often unless he respects the cat who is speaking to him. It takes a lot of patience to get him to open up; one should not attempt it unless they can handle being shot down numberless times. When angered, Rowanstar has a vicious and fiery temper which causes him to lash out at others. When another cat gets close to him, he will shock that cat because they will discover a different Rowanstar. Whenever something bugs him, he will speak his mind; he tends to get into trouble with other cats often. When he speaks to others, he often speaks in short, clipped sentences. Or even responds with a single word if possible. He wants to be deputy if something happens to the current one. Rowanstar's hopes are to get a good mate who will love him for who he is and to become the leader of the Clan so he can protect every cat. So far, he has achieved both of his goals; he now wants to lead MoonClan well until his death.

Apprentice: Crowpaw Mate: Oceanwash Kits: Red, Spiritpaw and Swanprint  Lives: 9





Shiningflame is a drop-dead gorgeous she-cat with a beautiful silver coloured pelt and ash-coloured eyes. Dark grey stripes decorate the area near her eyes but other than that, her fur is completely silver. When she walks in the sunlight, her fur shimmers a beautiful silver that no other cat has seen. Some compare it to the beauty of the Sky Stone. Shiningflame is used to having toms falling all over themselves when she speaks to them in her birdsong-like mew. Even though she knows she's pretty, she is not at all stuck up. In reality, she is actually very kind and courageous. If some cat she cares for is in danger, she would sacrifice her own life to preserve another's. Her flaw is that she can bee too nice and that leads to others sometimes walking all over her. Prefers to be with other cats and hates to be alone. She has a severe fear of thunder and will disappear when a thunderstorm is approaching so she can deal with her fear on her own because she doesn't want any other cat to find out about it. She was born to a loner mother and a kittypet father. She had three brothers but the second that she became old enough to go on her own, she did so without looking back. She found the Clans and settled down.  Mate: None   Apprentice: None  Kin: None




Medicine cat and medicine cat apprentice

Medicine Cat:

 Oceanwash Moonclan Med cat.Shes a trouble maker and never really liked being in the clans. Her family lived in Fireclan and they never loved her, except her brother. She would sneak out to meet with her brother every night but one day he did not show and later she found out her father killed him for seeing her. Ever since then she has refused to get close to anyone, until the day her parents died. Kin: Mother: Sharpear Father: Vineclaw Brother: Nightash(all deseased) Forbidden mate: Rowanstar  Kits: Red, Swankitty, Spiritkit


Medicine Cat Apprentice: Swanprint

Shes shy and even if Silenthope is taking care of her she never leaves Oceanwash. She hides in her den and sometimes if anyone comes around she hides. She doesnt speak to anyone. Shes white with a few patches of grey and her eyes are a beautiful light purple. 
Kin- Mother: Oceanwash  Father: Rowanstar  Brothers: Redkit and Spiritpaw 




Leafmist~A gray tabby she~cat with yellow eyes. White "socks'' on all legs. Injured leg.  

Personaility: Moody, Sensitive, Helpful, Hopeful, Loving, Caring, Understanding, Friendly, Adventurous, Courageous

Mom: Blueflower,Dad: Shortstar, Siblings:Briarprint(dead), Shineflight, Brothers: Runningpaw, Stonedust(adopted) Mentor:Thissletail Exs: Craneclaw (dead), Nightfury (?), Razzy (?), Kits: Craneclaw- Sweetember, Nightfury- Lightbird, Spottedprint, Razzy- Angelkitty, Dustkit, Sandkitty, Flamepaw

Goals: Hopes to be accepted as a worthy warrior for who she is. Wants an understanding mate (Darkfang.) Hopes to become deputy. (Maybe) 



Bravewing is a loyal warrior. He can be very ambitous; not like Tigerclaw though. He's just ambitious, he sets goals, and goes after them. He follows his dreams. (Which he has never shared with any cat, ever.) He is fairly intellegente, excluding his 'special' moments. He is a long-haired gray and white cat, with folded in ears, which he is often picked on for the way his ears are. Also, he was once a kittypet, but he hopes to keep them a secret. The only cat that know is Littlefire. (MoonClan) 



 Littlefire is a small she-cat with baffleing green eyes. She is quite small for being a warrior, but she doesn't let that stop her from doing ordinary warrior cat things. You would think she'd be a terrible hunter and fighter, but being small for the most of her life, she has learned amazing tactics that work for her self.  Her hearing is very sharp, as well as her eyesight.  As her brother is teased, she is teased as well for her size. 


Sparkeye- He is very shy and excluded. He is never challenged by his siblings. They still hang out with him, cause they love him, but he doesn't feel like he fits in, because he is way to shy and nervous against their outgoing and carefree personalities. He is still a mama's boy and can be seen hanging out with Silenthope.(Brother) Ashtail (Sister) Cinderblaze (Mother) Silenthope


Ashtail- The twin to Cinderblaze, he is mellow but he loves to be challenged. If he is told that no one can do something, he will do it. He could care less about a family at the moment. Kin-(Sister) Cinderblaze (Brother) Sparkeye (Mother) Silenthope 


 Cinderblaze - A fiery she-cat that loves to compete. She challenges her brothers all the time with fight and hunting competitions. She is the twin to Ashtail and the two are always together. If only one is called on a patrol, they will refuse unless the other comes along. She is much to concentrated on her warrior duties to worry about a mate or kits. Kin- (Brothers) Ashtail and Sparkeye (Mother) Silenthope



Moonshine is a black she-cat with crystal blue eyes. Though have being through a lot, she can kinda blunt, but she's a great warrior. She is a senior warrior, so shes very wise. She contains a lot of wisdom, and advise... She can be strict, and sometimes stern, but always has good intentions in the end.




 Description: she is a leopard printed she cat she has golden eyes. she has a tan-ish colored face. her stomach an back are a white color. Personality:She is sweet and kind. She loves most of her clan members. Some she may hate some. She was raised to be nice.



 Moon-17Gender-MalePersonality-you are very shady until someone gets to know you. he has dark ambitions, and is a strong warrior to be feared of Description-he is a dark tabby tom, with hazel eyes



She is a friendly, down-to-earth cat. She wants kits someday but wants to have them with the right tom. She has dark blue eyes and a thick, feathery, silver pelt. She has no family in MoonClan but basically considers most as her family such as her best friend, Soulbird.  Crush: Firestorm



Amber she-cat with icy blue eyes. She loves to laugh and be with her clan. She also came from a different clan but doesn't talk about it. She is blind but is very smart. She comes sometimes be overly sarcastic and rude. She is great at puzzles and prophecies and is looking to settle down in Moonclan with a caring mate. Crush: Firefly 



Firestorm is loyal and caring. He tends to try to take care of everyone in the clan. He is a senior warrior, and likes to be treated with respect. He likes helping others, but only those that can help themselves. Despite his normal serious expression, he has big soft spot for kits, and wants them someday. Kin- (Sister)Flamewalker(Unknown) 


Firefly is a hardworking tom with a go-getter attitude. Meaning he isn't afraid to do something he thinks is right. He is loyal, and will never let harm come to any of his clanmates. He is a tom with a slight temper, if he is pushed hard enough. He wishes to have a mate, but not so sure about kits, from bad experiences in the past. Kin- (Brothers) Redfoot and Dimlight(Unknown)  Mate: Soulbird


 Inspire is a she-cat with light green eyes. Her coat is delicate brown with black spots, kinda like a cheetah. She has white on her underbelly and front legs, she also is nice, but firm. The reason she is named is Inspire is because, she was told she inspired people, she changed her name to Inspire. (her name was once Earthsoul) Sadly, all of her family are dead, her moth, Featherstar, her father, Coldstone, and her brother Lifesoul. 


Sweetember is a warrior of MoonClan, a she-cat. She is a worthy warrior with green eyes and a tortoiseshell pelt. She loves being loyal to her Clan and the warrior code, which she knows by heart. She has a destiny of becoming a head warrior, so that she can be leader someday. But she also likes protecting her Clan without shedding too much blood to cause death, because that is what she fears most. She is a loving cat that only wishes to become part of a Clan.

Mother: Leafstar, father: Craneclaw



Darkwish is a she-cat. She is white and ginger with brown splotches and is half-blind. she is quiet, but tough, and will barely talk to other cats. Her main goals are to be  great warrior and maybe even deputy someday, and train a few apprentices to become great warriors. She hopes to maybe find a mate.

Apprentice: Poppyprint



She use to belong to Airclan as its medicine cat apprintice. Thats why she has a knowledge of herbs but no one knows were she came from. She was foolish and had kits at a young age with a Moonclan cat and for the survival of the kits, she changed her name and moved to Moonclan. He of course left and left her to care for three kits on her own. Shes a younge warrior and knows little about fighting. 
Kin- Sons: Ashkit, Sparkkit. Daughter: Cinderkitty   (Oceanwash, if you would like a different picture, please message me! I couldn't find a way to resize it)



 Heartprint(string) is a tan she-cat with a multi-colored tail, pink cheek fluff, underbelly, heart-shaped marking, and pink streaks on her side bang. She also has a red nose with crimson eyes and extremely long ears. Though, unlike her warm-colored appearance, she is actually quite cold to others, and shows no affection whatsoever unless you are injured or a kit. However, very few felines know of her kinder side, therefore, earning her the nickname "Ice Queen."



Personality-A sweet soft and quiet she-cat.She is very kind and loving.She is gentle.She is light on her paws.She is a great hunter and excellent fighter.She wants a mate and kits someday.She loves butterflies. Crush:Crowpaw                                         


 He is a black musclar, strong tom with blue eyes and ginger flecks on my tail. Personality: He is a strong willed character and a brave tome whom will serve his clan well. He has well built muscles and will die for his clan because he can do this his clan mates respect him. He can be grumpy (like jayfeather in the books) but otherwise has a good nature, his is also careful and thinks before acting and very swift. Moons: 9 Dreams/Goals: to be a happy feather,leader,to be a loyal warrior if not leader. 

Mentor: Rowanfur




High spirited, Spiritpaw wishes desperately to be acknowledged like his father, Rowanstar. There is nothing that this cat will stop at to show the Clan that he doesn't live in the warrior's shadow because he is his own cat. Of course, acts of rebellion often get him in trouble, but he uses smooth words to get himself back out. That talent came from Rowanstar as well, though he'd never admit it. The middle child to Oceanwash and Rowanstar, Spiritpaw wants to prove himself to his father and to Redkit.

Mother: Oceanwash   Father: Rowanstar  Siblings: Redkit and Swanprint





 Violetkitty is a marron colored she-cat with purple eyes. She is shy and quiet and most definitely doesn't talk much. She dreams of becoming a great leader and to be the most wisest cat of them all.




Fallenkitty Moonclan Kit She's a troublemaker and argues a lot with her older brother Pepperkit. She thinks hes to weak and doesn't know a thing about protecting. She loves to fight, and can't wait till shes older to get her claws on someone. She think's shes the boss of anyone and everyone. She thinks being a kit is boring so plays tricks on others to get some laughs. She loves to venture around and loves getting in trouble because it makes her feel like she's acomplished something. Kin-(Real Father)Firestorm, (Father)Ghoststar,(Mother)Inspire,(Brother)Pepperkit






Hes energetic and loves to explore. He is the twin to Cinderkitty. They look exactly alike except he has a white bridge above his nose. Hes excited and hopes to be an apprintice really soon. 
Kin- Mother: Silenthope Father: Stonesoul(unknown) Brother: Sparkkit Sister: Cinderkitty



Hes a lot like his brother, except hes white and grey. He loves to explore as well but likes to stay near his mom. He cant wait to be an apprintice and find out who his mentor is. 
Kin- Mother: Silenthope Father: Stonesoul(unknown) Brother: Ashkit Sister: Cinderkitty






Greeting, GhostStar: I'm mysterious, strong, fast, and cunning. My mate is Inspire, and I love her deeply. I don't remember my past. I am now an elder of MoonClan, but used to be the leader and I loved it. I am calm mostly and have a sense of humor. I speak as if I have a poet inside me, and like to dream of peace and kindness.  



 Snowash Moonclan Elder Hes a brownish gold tom with a crooked jaw he earned in a battle to save his leaders life. The leader treated him better then most for saving him, but Snowash didnt quiet like it. He wasnt the deputy yet he was treated as such. After a while, his crooked jaw started making it hard for him to hunt and fight. He was reranked to Elder, but he doesnt mind. He still loves the younger warriors coming to hear stories but he misses his sons and mate. Kin- Sons: Stormeyes, Ivymoon Mate: Ivytail(deseased)