Warriors Roaming The Forest

Test your abilities to your limits!

Welcome to SkyClan territory

Welcome to the place, where cats who have died, come to live in peace. Don't be sad that you have gone to join your warrior ancestors, because this is the sky; the stars, the clouds, the lightnings, etc. are all at your service (more or less). However, beware, use your strong powers only in the times when it's really neccessary - when you Clans need you to help them.

You may sen omens and prophecies to the Clans' medicine cats, or simply watch over them whenever you want to. You may enter he real world as a newborn kit only after at least  month of being in SkyClan (please tell me if you want to start your life over again, so I'll delete you from this page). If you have no desires to become a kit, an apprentice and a warrior all over again, you may stay in this place as long as you like.


New SkyClan cats

From MoonClan:

From WaterClan:

From AirClan:

From EarthClan: Icesky

From FireClan: EternalKitty

From PowerClan: ThissleTail.(She has killed herself plenty),and GrapeVine.

SkyClan's hunting grounds

Walking paths

Meeting place (with a round puddle)

Big cave (den) under a huge rock

Stream flowing into a river


Director. (Director means helper,like a wise teacher,Not a leader.)

Director: Nile


My name is Nile beloved kittypet of the Sander family I am the most kindest cat around and will even let twoleg kits pick me up. I am very friendly and never hiss or bite,unless I am terrified. I had 5 kits Aqua,Bear,Ember,Willow,(who has moved to a twoleg nest of his own.) and my copy mommy's boy Cristian. All ecxept for Willow have been let go to roam on a very nice farm. I however have been lost from my housefolk. They let me come with my kits to teach them how to hunt, then they would come back for me.....but........I cant find them. I have been seen by a farm with horses next to the farm of my kits. I was chosen next to be deputy In Powerclan but I died before I got the chance so I am now Director of SkyClan.


MoonClan cats

 Older unactive Skyclan cats below.


Echoshine is a fluffy white warrior. She is graceful and friendly. She loves her family and friends and will always watch over them. She has a kit, but died giving birth to it. The father, Stormclaw, named it Blood. Echoshine will always miss her life as a medicine cat in MoonClan, but it's more peaceful up here in SkyClan.

Mother: Mistyleaf, father: Sunpelt, mate: Stormclaw (dead), kit: Blood (dead)



She loved her mate and kits and wishes she could still be with them.

Sons: Stormeyes(Earthclan) and Moongaze(Earthclan) Old mate: Snowash(Moonclan) 


Leopardstar is a kind-hearted she-cat that welcomes everyone. She's a young silver spotted cat with silver eyes. She died by accidently falling into a hole, and by that, was the first cat to die. She was also the first leader of MoonClan.

Kits: Flowerfoot (PowerClan), Dragonbreath (EarthClan), Rainfeather (MoonClan)


Whiteclaw is a brave white-furred tom with sparkling blue eyes and black paws, and also with a red scar striped down his muzzle from his last battle. He is very close to his brother, Blackheart, because they died on the same day. Together, they decided to be seen as MoonClan warriors, not PowerClan (where they came from), in memory of his mate and kits' home. Clawfire, Whiteclaw's former mate, stayed in PowerClan after he died along with his brother, but she took her two kits back to MoonClan, and Whiteclaw knows that he will never understand her actions, as well as the fact that he'll never be able to hate her. He is actually a very kind and generous cat, though likes to fight, which sometimes brings him into trouble, because fighting on SkyClan grounds is forbidden.


Brother: Blackheart, former mate: Clawfire (PowerClan), kits: Rockface and Icestar (both in MoonClan)


Blackheart is a calm handsome black tom with  yellow-goldish eyes (they sometimes change to flashy bright green); he has white paws and tail tip. He can be nasty sometimes, sneering at other SkyClan cats, but usually his behaviour is appropriate. He likes to help medicine cat apprentices become full medicine cats by taking part in their ceremonies by the Sky Stone. He died on the same day as his brother, Whiteclaw, which made them even more close together than they already were! They both used to be PowerClan cats, but when they joined SkyClan, they agreed to be seen as MoonClan warriors, in memory of Whiteclaw's family's Clan.

Brother: WhiteClaw (SkyClan), niece and nephew: Icestar and Rockface (both in MoonClan)


Tanglepool is a white long-furred she-cat with amber eyes made up of clear crystals, which make her look really beautiful. She has a mild attitude to everything. She is kind, happy, though she lost her family when she died, clever, has gentle features, and loyal. She likes to send out prophecies to warn the Clans of the future and also visits her mate and kits in dreams as frequently as she can.

Mate: Rockface (MoonClan), kits: Honeyprint and Streamprint (both in MoonClan)


Spottedleaf was a previous medicine cat of MoonClan, when Moonflower was still an apprentice. She is the closest she-cat to the living medicine cat Leafheart, and often the only one to share dreams with her.

Has no relatives

(no picture yet)


WaterClan cats

None yet!

AirClan cats


 Older unactive Skyclan cats below.


Sunstar is a silver she-cat. She is kind, strong and gentle. Her Clanmates think of her as a very good leader.

Has no relatives. MateCloudbreath Apprentice:Silverprint

(The link page says photo has been moved from photobucket account, sorry. Sunstar, can you please try to find another photo for your cat not from a photobucket account??)


Hello, my name is Skystorm, I am looking forward to meeting you!

No kin

(No pic yet)


He loved his mate with all his heart. And he died because of it. He fought a rogue named Brissle to save his mate and kits but ended up dieing. His mate soon joined him.

Son: Beetlekit(deceased) Daughters: Twilightkitty(deceased) and Ravenkitty(deceased) Mate: Ivyleaf(deceased)


She had everything she ever wanted. A mate and kits. A rouge fell in love with her and challenged her mate to a battle. When the day of the battle came, they killed each other. She was sad and roamed around with her kits. One day she just died. No cat knows how she died. Some say it was from grief, but only she knows how she died.

Son: Beetlekit(deceased) Daughters: Twilightkitty(deceased) and Ravenkitty(deceased) Mate: Vineclaw(deceased)


Falconclaw is a ginger and white tabby she-cat. Sometimes she can have a bad temper, though she is skilled in healing and used to have a close connection to SkyClan (now she's one of them). She still wills to do the best for her former Clan, AirClan.

Doesn't know anything about her relatives

EarthClan cats

 Older unactive Skyclan cats below.


(we will all miss her very much. She will always live on in our hearts!) 

DESCRIPTION:Short, light calico she-cat with white legs and warm amber eyes.Scars.PERSONALITY:Lively, brave, cunning, and swift. Icesky would give her life for her Clan. She is quick on her feet and isn't afraid of anything but, loneliness. She absoulty loves her kits and swears to Skyclan she would die for their lives to be spared. She is happy to finally be a mother and proud to be the mother of three bright beautiful kits APPRENTICE was Owlfeather

MATE/CRUSH/KITS:I'm with Fallenleaves of EarthClan with three kits Mintkitty a calico, Firekit a ginger like his father, and Dreamkitty a gingerish-brown and white. I have adopted a kit into my life so that he isn't alone his name is Redkit.



Clan: Skyclan Description: A silver tabby she-cat with amber eyes. She may be in Skyclan, but she wants to serve her old clan(Earthclan) with all of her being.


A silver tabby she-cat who looks a lot like Lupineprint of EarthClan, because she is her real mother. Lupineprint's dead rogue mother wasn't her real mother, but Mirrorpool had to give her away. She now watches over Lupineprint from SkyClan. She knows a little about herbs, but wasn't the medicine cat. She died from posion and herself, because she ate deadly nightshade to finish her miserable life, but now she is fairly happy. Wants Lupineprint to have a good life in Earthclan.

Daughter: Lupineprint (but Lupineprint doesn't know.) Mate: Smokeclaw (deceased and not in skyclan, lost somewhere in the skies.)


Robinpaw is a black tom with a ginger belly and paws.

Mother: Whistlewind, father is unknown, siblings: Featherprint, Ravenpath and Falconshadow


FireClan cats

None yet!

PowerClan cats

 EternalLife: I was a small Fireclan kit who GrapeVine tried to save but I died of my inguries.

(No picture)


I have died by the claws of a badger,trying to save FireClan Kits.I used to be PowerClan medicine cat.I was fun,caring,fast,and funny.See you inSkyClan!The1 kit i saved also died.It was unnamed,so I named it EternalKitty.But the other unnamed kit lived,it's name is GalxyKitty.



 Older unactive Skyclan cats below.



Skyash is a pretty she-cat with piercing purple eyes. She loves adventure, but can be a little scared at times. Her moto it to never be sad and always be perky, when she sees someone sad she usually tells them this: "Don't be sad, because it's over, be happy, because it happened." She died from a monster, but she doesn't regret it, she feels everything she did is done and she doesn't want to look back. She helps cats in PowerClan and sometimes goes down to PowerClan and just hangs out.



Arctickitty is a sweet, careful and beautiful young she-cat. She is a brown she-cat with white patches and beautiful green eyes. She can be a little stubborn, but it fits her well. She sometimes wonder if her family is okay in PowerClan. She died from the cold winter, but feels she's safer in SkyClan. Although she is small, she can fight very well, she is known for her amazing swimming and climbing skills.



Stonekit is a friendly grey tom with great intentions. He loves to climb things and hide. His family was killed by badgers, and he was killed by a fox. He watched over PowerClan and never leaves Sandprint (s she-cat in PowerClan). His main goal is to become the greatest SkyClan warrior ever. 



Dewpaw is a grey and brown striped tomcat with narrow black stripes running up his back and down his forehead. He has deep blue eyes and soft fluffy fur. Dewpaw is sweet, shy, friendly and a great little apprentice, that loves to cuddle with other cats. He loves play-fighting and avoids any real fights unless it's self defense. He loves to learn to fight, he just hopes he never had to actually use what he has learned!  The tom was left in the woods, when he was a newborn and he had learned to catch pray and fend enemies off. He is now nine moons old!

Mate: Shoreprint



Sweetbreeze is a beautiful ginger she-cat with beautiful sparkling eyes. She is honest and loving; her main quality is she will never give up. She always works to her fullest and never steps down from a battle.

No relatives.



Moonprint has a brown pelt with black stripes and brown eyes, just like her father. She wishes she could see her father more, because he's always out of camp! She is energetic and spunky!

Mother: Blueflower, father: Shorttail, sister: Briarprint