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Welcome to the Sky Stone

This is where the medicine cats meet every half moon (Sunday) to share dreams with their warrior ancestors, SkyClan. If you, the medicine cat, have an apprentice, you should bring him/her here with you, unless someone in your Clan is ill he/she has to take care of that cat.

Since this is a sacred place, the medicine cats should meet in peace, just like at Peaceful Meeting/Gatherings. You may talk here and receive dreams from SkyClan (the SkyClan cats can go to this page to talk to you).

For chatting to each other use the first and second chat-boxes, but for having dreams, each Clan (medicine cat) has their own chat-bax. =D

Tip: If you receive an important omen or prophecy from your warrior ancestors, you may discuss it with the other medicine cats, but be aware that they are from rival Clans.



Path to the Sky Stone

Around the Sky Stone

PowerClan's medicine cat(s)

FireClan's medicine cat(s)

EarthClan's medicine cat(s)

AirClan's medicine cat(s)

WaterClan's medicine cat(s)

MoonClan's medicine cat(s)