Warriors Roaming The Forest

Test your abilities to your limits!

Welcome to the WaterClan camp

These intelligent cats are very well known for their love of water and ability to swim. The WaterClan warriors swim in the river regularly, so the other five Clans sometimes even call them "fish-souls". That sounds funny, doesn't it? But it's true, you know.

They mostly eat different types of fish, and rarely catch prey like birds or mice. Of course, voles or rabbits are always welcome, but what can be better than a freshly killed fish from the clear blue river?



Latest News: Date: 10/24/013

Hi guys! now I know a lot of you are upset about the site loosing clan members, but don't worry, it'll get better!

-Admin Aqua

 And the cat of the week is...................


New Clanmates of any kind will be announced.

Welcome Endlessflight, Deathgaze, and Nightclaw to Waterclan!


Camp clearing

This is where the WaterClan cats meet after a long day of hard work to share prey together and chat about life.


Leader's den

Here, the leader can have private meetings with the deputy and senior warriors to discus several issues and make decisions. The leader can also plan warrior and other ceremonies here. If you want to be a mentor, for example, come here and ask your leader to make you into one.


Medicine cat's den

Here, the medicine cat and his/her apprentice will care for the sick cats and sort out herbs inside the den. Next to the den, there is a small tree with overhanging branches, that shelter a small patch of grass, where the medicine cats can sleep on warm nights or make nests for their ill Clanmates. Also, there is a little clear blue puddle behind the den, where they can soak moss.


Warriors' den

In here, the warriors will sleep at night and in the hottest time of the day. The den is very well sheltered and big enough to fit a whole army of cats inside it.


Apprentices' den

Over here, the young apprentices can gossip about the warriors and grouch about the grumpy elders, and, of course, sleep to be restful for the next day.



The nursery is where she-cats, who are expecting kits, will be staying. Queens need to live in the nursery, caring for their kits, until the kits ar old enough to become apprentices. Then, the mothers can go back to carrying out their warrior duties and sleeping in the warriors' den.


Elders' den

Here, the Clan's elders can relax and sunbathe as well as sleep at night. Be sure that they'll grouch whenever an apprentice comes to clean out their bedding and search their pelt for ticks! 



            (Very Active)



Greetings,My name is AquaStar.

First thing about me is that somtimes people think I am cruel and one sided,but I stick up for my beliefs and loved ones. So don't be yelling at me when your the one being a jerk.

Second I have a mate that I will never, ever, ever give up for some cat with affections for me. His name is DeathClaw. Love you :) I also am secretly going to have kits soon. Shhhh

My Brother in heart is NightSkyStar.(Don't juge his name!!!) And my real siblings are Bear,CristianSoul,Emmy/Ember, and Willa or commonly know as Willow. My mother is the great wise Nile.And my Sister in heart is MossCreek.

Please do not expect any of my profile was directed twords a certain cat, thank you.

I also will love my clan till I die.











Deathgaze was a confident tom that came from a rough background. Both his parents were convicted murderers of the clan, and when they were kicked out, he was alone, because no one wanted a kit that belonged to murderers. He grew up and trained hard, to a harsh mentor that worked him till his pads were cracked and he could barely walk, covered in bruises. His mentor pushed him until he learned that strength and power was the most important thing. He was a cat of nothing but muscle. He was kind though, and wouldn't harm his clan mates. When he became deputy, he fell in love with the leader but knew he couldn't have her, he became mates with a Earthclan she-cat, having three kits. He thought he cared about her, but he only longed for his leader. She was murdered, and he became leader, and the whole clan put the blame on him, since his parents were murderers. They bullied and kicked him out, re-electing a new leader. He became a rogue and became ice hearted and cold. He's bitter and has a huge temper and aggression problem to him. He is even bigger and more muscular than before, from his harsh training. His black and white pelt is covered in scars, and has three big scars that go from his left cheek over his amber eye. He still has his full nine lives he earned as a leader, but goes by Deathgaze again.


Mate: None


Kits: Blackstep, Violetprint, and Lilyprint(Earthclan)




Medicine cat and medicine cat apprentice


 New medicine cat is MintLeaf.



HazelPrint: (Unactive until further notice)

I'm a sweet little kit.I love my mentor more than anthing in the world.I would never leave him,ever. I love to run!And leap as high as I can. I think chasing butterflys and other "kit' stuff is over rated so I stick to the app. stuff,most of the time.  My mom Is GaleStorm.She adopted me.




Name: Endlessflight (Semi Active)

Clan: Waterclan

Description: a grey she-cat with amber eyes. She is short and quick, usually never missing out on hunting patrols or such. She has black stripes down her gerey fur, making her less visible among the ferns or snow in winter. She is sweet and loyal, and usually never untrustworthy.




RippleStone: (Unactive until further notice)

He is a handsome white tom, musclar with black paw and yellow eyes.
Personality:He is a sweet caring tom but has a bad abious side and dares cats to doing dangerous stuff.He is wise in battles and has a heart of gold.
Moons:8 Goals:to be a father, debuty or leader








Silkstream: (Unactive until further notice)

 Coat color-She has a glossy white pelt. It is a weird whitish silver color. She has a pink nose and blue-green eyes. 

Personality-She is sweet and kind. She is very calm. She is the best swimmer. She has silky fur. And she loves water so that's how she become-Silkstream. She loves kits and hopes to get a mate. She is very loving. Her fave fish is bass. She is very fast and swift. She has elegant and soft paws.

  (No picture)

name: RainSpot

clan: WaterClan

description: White and very light grey she-cat with tabby-like stripes on her tail and legs. She has green eyes like murky but, beautiful water.

family: ???

personality: Quiet but, true speaking, RainSpots is a gentle cat as long as you do not speak against her Clan or friends. She likes being a warrior but, doesn't mind young kits or apprentices. She likes to hang out with Toms more than She- Cats for a unknown reason.



Name:SpottedNose (Unactive until further notice)

 Clan:WaterClan Rank:Warrior Moons:18 Family:( dead) Coat Color: Tan around the face bright blue eyes Personality: Shes nice kind and caring toward any kit, .She is happy and active.She is willing to do the best for Her clan. She loves to play-fight with apprentices, when it comes to toms she is shy an quiet around them she doesnt normally talk around most toms cause she was picked on by toms when she was your Mate: Nope Crush: Nope




Ivywing: (Unactive until further notice)

 is colorful she-cat; her pelt is many different shades of gray.  She speaks the truth, listens to others, and stands for what she believes is right. Ivywing is the most honest, gentle, and fierce cat you will ever know. 



 (No picture)

CoabraFang (Unactive until further notice)

CoabraFang is a tom, who came from a Clan named AngelClan. He is an undercover agent for them and wishes to only protect all that is good and lovely.He is a lover for nature and has a mate named HarmonyPrint.


 FalconWing: (Semi Active)

Hey,I'm Falconwing,I'm cunning fast,fun,witted,ans smart.(not as smart as my sis thought) I'm bro to Galestorm,I love being with others and somtimes being the best.I think girls think i'm cute,but idk.

  Lynxears: (Unactive until further notice)

I'm a strong,tough,Warrior.I have deep sea blue eyes.I'm the best at hunting and I live in WaterClan.My sister is EclipseKitty.I don't know who are real mom is but my adopted mom is AquaStar,leader of WaterClan! I love to hang-out and have fun,but I don't like other guys messin' with me.I love all the fun stuff in the world,but I'm afriad no girl will like me.And thats not the least of my problems.....



Jet : (Unactive until further notice)

Crush-The leader Aquastar Kin-Brother-Flashstar Sisters-Lilyprint and Creamspark Brother-in-law-Stoneflame(Cream's mate) Sister-in-law-Blizzardpelt(Flash's mate) Nieces-Hazykitty(Cream and Stone's daughter) and Ivykitty(Cream and Stone's daughter) Nephews-Blazingkit(Cream and Stone's son) and Dustkit(Cream and Stone's son) Hopes/goals-That Aquastar will become his mate.To be a father and a mentor. Rank-Warrior Personality-He is fun and caring and of course loving.He doesn't like she-cats that instantly come up to him and circle him to get his attetntion.He is brave and loyal.But make him mad and it is not pretty.He isvery happy he finally found his lost siblings.He is a great hunter and fighter.

Apprentice: CometPaw





LotusPrint: (Unactive until further notice)

Meow!! :3 :D:D

A very beautiful tortosishell kit.Her father was captuured by a Hawk and is believed to be dead. Her mother is believed to have been killed by an avalanche in the mountains when she, Lotuskit, and their clan were traveling the mountains. Lotuskit is the only known survivor. She traveled for a moon wandering the forests, and catching her own prey untill one day she found Waterclan. This is where Lotuskit's story Began.... :D





Riverpaw: (Unactive until further notice)

Kin-Same as Auroaprint. Persoanlity-He is kind and caring.He loves to go exploring.He loves wrestling and learning moves from apprentices.He is more muscular built like his dad.He can be grouchy sometimes.He is loves to practice hunting on his sisters or butterflies whatever he can find.

Appleprint: (Unactive until further notice)

Kin-Same as Auroakitty. Personality-She is cute and small and lithe.She is the youngest but it is hard to tell.She likes hanging with toms and learning stuff from the apprentices.She loves the stories elders tell her.She is sweet,kind and caring.She is friendly.She is patient and calm.

Jadeprint: (Unactive until further notice)

Same as Auroakitty.Crush-No one yet Personality-She is a bit adventours.She loves her parents alot.She is elegant like Auroakitty.She is not as lithe as Auroakitty but can run really well.She loves swimming.She likes playing.

Auroaprint: (Unactive until further notice)

Kin:Mother-Harmonyheart Father-Coabrafang Brother-Riverkit Sisters-Applekitty and Jadekitty Aunty-Sandmoon(Thunder's mate) and Shorebreeze(She is Harmony's older sister) Uncle-Thunderstorm(He is my mom's brother) Grandma on my mom's side-Clawfire Grandpa on my mom's side-Birdscar Cousins-Lionkit and Echokit(Both are Sand and Thunder's kits) Crush-Krystelkit Personalty-She is pretty and elegant.Her crystal blue eyes making her small ginger spot on her nose stand out.She is nice and cute.She can be quiet.She likes hanging out with toms and she-kits but morely toms.She is not a tom-boy.She likes chasing butterflies.


SappirePrintSappirePrint: (Unactive until further notice)

  I'm the brians of the bunch,the nerd,the geek.I'm strong and determined.I live in WaterClan were live is a joy,kinda.Though the other apprentices taunt me,I don't care.I love rainstorms,espically if there is lighting.   Mentor:IvyWing


 WheatPaw: (Unactive until further notice)

 I'm a sometimes cowardly,orange tom.I usally hang out with my bro PebblePaw,he is my role-model. I learn alot from him. I can be moody somtimes and get into fights with my bro, although I love him even though he is as conceled with his thoughs as a rock. I'm jumpy,kind,and caring,though my brother says sensitive guys are lame and girls like rebels. I disagree,but just not infront of him!

Mentor: PineSway



PebblePaw: (Unactive until further notice)

I'm a cunning,swift, also sarcastic. I'm the charmer of my familly.  My most fond intrests are flirting with she-cats, hunting, and fighting .I'm a wiseguy and a wisecrack apparently to TigressClaw. But I love my personality,it's me.







Iceleaf: (Unactive until further notice)

Mate-Lynxears Kits-expecting Kin: Father-Snowfleck(airclan) Mother-Beauty(airclan) Brother-camostrike(airclan) Sister-Sunshine Half-brother-Blizzard(loner) Sister-in-law-Barktail(camo's mate) Grandpa-Thunderstrike(dad's side) Grandma-Mosscreek(dad's side) Uncles-Flamesight and Badgerclaw(both dad's side) Personality-A gorgeus silver tabby she-cat with amber eyes.She is shy and bubbly.She has never swam but is willing to learn.She left airclan to be with lynxears in waterclan.She is a great hunter and fighter.She is a very fast runner.She can't wait till her kits are born but is worried they will die,that is why she left airclan also because they are short of warriors.She is also gentle,soothing and caring and kind.


Harmonyheart: (Unactive until further notice)

Name Harmonyheart-Rank-Queen Clan-Waterclan Kin-Mate-Coabrafang Kits-Auroakitty,Applekitty,Riverkit and Jadekitty Brother-Thunderstorm Mother-Clawfire Father-Birdscar Sister-Shorebreeze Sister-in-law-Sandmoon Nieces-Echokitty(Thunderstorm and Sandmoon's daughter) Nephews-Lionkit(Thunderstorm and Sandmoon's son) Former Mentor-Leafmist Former Clan-Powerclan Why I ran away-To be with my mate and so our kits would be not bugged in powerclan.





 Bravekitty: (Unactive until further notice)

Kin:Mother-Iceleaf father-Lynxears Sister-Petalkitty Brother-Grizzlykit 
Coat color-A beautiful brown tabby she-cat. She has a white chest and legs. She has long fur and pricked ears like her father.She has green eyes.

Personality-She gets annyoed with Petalkitty sometimes. She likes being with the apprentices. She likes hearing some stories from the elders. She rather hangs out with toms than she-cats for an unknown reason. She is a tom-boy but her looks make you think she is a girly-girl. 


 Petalkitty: (Unactive until further notice)

 Kin:Mother-Iceleaf Father-Lynxears Sister-Bravekitty Brother-Grizzlykit 

Coat color-A beautiful dusky brown she-cat with beautiful blue eyes. She doesn't have pricked ears. 
Personality-She is very sweet and kind. She likes romantic stuff. She wonders what it would be like to have a secret love in a different clan. Her looks are like her personlity simply beautiful. She loves a good game.


Grizzlykit: (Unactive until further notice)

Kin:Mother-Iceleaf Father-Lynxears Sisters-Bravekitty and Petalkitty 
Coat color-A handsome ginger tom.He has amber eyes and pricked ears like his father. 

Personality-He is actually quiet. He doesn't like sharing his past in airclan. He keeps to himself often. He likes playing and being with his dad. He wants to find a she-cat when he is a warrior that'll love him for his personality not his looks. He may seem like a momma's boy but he doesn't care. 





PetalKit: (Unactive until further notice)

I'm a tortoiseshell she- cat with green eyes. My favorite food is a mouse. I can swim.


None at the moment.